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Curriculum Vitae

Mishael A. Al-Shewayer

Office Tel. (01) 4350615

P.O.Box 57023

Riyadh 11574

Academic Background :-


2005                              Ph.D. in Technology of science education – College of                                                    Education

        Research title/ "design and build educational computer software and measuring their impact on the development of some language skills to children kindergarten"


1999                   Master degree in Science and Education Technology .

                           Research  title/ "trends teachers and managers about the                                             features and the introduction of computers in                                                 kindergarten."


1992                   Bachelor  degree in Preschool Education College of                                                 Education, KSU



     Career record :-


2007          Assistant Professor , Technology of science education Dept.      

                   College of Education .


2007 – Present   Deputy chairman of education Technology Dept. college of 

                           Education. KSU


2006 - 2007       Deputy chairman of preschool Education Dept. ,college of education ,



1999 – 2006       Docent in Preschool Education Dept. ,college of education ,




1993 – 1999       Reader in the Preschool Educaion Dept , ,college of education ,



Professional experience :-


*King saud university :

      Deputy chairman of education Technology Dept. college of education Dept.


      Member of Graduate Committee


College of Education for the preparation of primary teachers: -


      Chairperson of the Monitoring Committee-the Committee on exams.  


      Chairperson of the Commission on personal interviews to female students.


      Chairperson of the Commission of extra-curricular  activity.


      Coordinated schedules seminar.


      Supervision of the students field training.


      Draft plant design and teaching aids for children.


      Member of the Disciplinary Committee of the female students.


      Member of the Committee of student Examinations.






*Ministry of Education :


      Establishing Standards for nominating the appliers for new positions for College Reader.


      Member of committee of new academic employers



Symposiums Attended :

      Symposium in ‘’How to discuss a scientific thesis ‘’.


      Symposium in Early childhood characters and Needs





      Course in training on applying Subjective Exams on the E- marker


      Course in Windows application Management from al jeraisy  Co.


Courses given :-

       Hall research 'seminars' .


      Education and communication technology.


      Educational TV programs for children


     Teaching aids for kindergarten


      Manual skills development for kindergarten teacher.


      Sensory education of a child nursery.


      Configuration environmental ores.


      Development of language skills of kindergarten children.


      Sports-skills development for kindergarten children.


      Entrance in kindergarten.


      Psychology of Child Development.


      Psychology-year growth.


 *The material taught in the Department of means and technology education.

      First: - 267 tech / educational TV programs for children
                            Hours: 3


 he overall objective of the decision: -

       ‘’Requesting that afflict the principles and rules of the design and development of educational television programs for children.’’


Specific objectives of the decision: -

  1-discuss the role of television as a liaison in the area of education.
  2-discuss the impact of television on the behavior of the child.
  3-setting intellectual and educational foundations to build educational       television programs for children.
  4-evaluation of educational television programs for children.
   5-analyze the content in educational programs for children.
  6-criticism to selected television programs for children.
  7-discuss research in television programs for children.
8-Preparing television program for children "scenario."


Book subjected : -
            "Production of educational television programs"
                    Prof. abdul-Rahman bin Ibrahim alsha’er 1421                                                                    e / in 2000.

References: -
          1-Fawzia Fahim, the art of television, Cairo, in 1990.
          2-Ahmed Mohammed Xiaomei, the impact of the media on                                    children.


      Second:-241 tech / learning techniques and communication.
          Hours: 2

The overall objective of the subject: -

‘’Requesting that afflict the principles and applications of education and communication in the process of education and learning. ‘’

Specific objectives of the subject: -

  1-discussion of the historical evolution of the process of education and                learning.

  2-discuss the role of tools in the process of education and learning.

 3-explain the communication process and its importance in the light of     human contact in life and practical instruction

  4-explain the foundations of the selection and use of teaching aids.

  5-explain the concept of learning technology, explaining his relationship               concept means instruction.

 6-explain concept style systems, explaining the design concept of its        relationship to the educational and learning techniques.

  7-classification of learning objectives to President areas linked with the   techniques of education and learning.

 8-comparative advantages and shortcomings of different educational       methods.

References: -
       - Mustafa Falata. (Entrance to the modern techniques of communication and education): Riyadh. King Saud University. 1408 e.

fathalbab-Sayed Abdel-Hamid. Ibrahim Mikhail hefzallah (Methods in  education and information) Cairo. Alam alketab
       In 1985.




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