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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


In The Name Of Allah

Name : Fahd Bin Abd Al – Aziz Bin MoKhim Al Askar .

Date of Birth : 1392  Hijjri Riyadh .

School Stage :

Preparatory and Secondary Study : At Riyadh Scientific Institution , I graduated from there in 1412 Hijjri and my final evaluation is ( Very Good ) .

University Study :

I attended Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University , Faculty of Ossol Al Din ( Origins of Religion ) , Department of Sonna  and its science and graduated from there in 1416 Hijjri . My final evaluation is ( Very Good ) .

After that I joined the department of the Islamic Culture , Faculty of Education , King Saud University to study ( M ) to specialize in Tafseer and Hadith  in the direction of Hadith Sharif and I have finished studying the curriculum study and I am making a study on ( Mohammed Bin Sereen efforts ( 110 ) in Hadith ) .

Many great scientists have taught me whether during my study or in mosques to receive sciences , so I always pray to Allah to make my study useful to do it well in the sake of Allah .

My career :

I have worked as a teacher at all educational stages for 5 years .

Then I have worked as an educational supervisor for 5 years too.

I am still holding this post .

The Scientific Production :

I have been taking part in a lot of scientific work in many fields such as :

1- Taking part in a lot of scientific and educational committees in the K.S.A and abroad too .

2- Giving a lot of scientific and educational lectures .

3- Preparing a lot of educational research and studies .

4- Reviewing a manuscript of Imam Bin Qayamm , I have not reviewed it before entitled ( Al Saad Steps to show Al Hamd sites ) .

I have a lot of research and works under preparation .

Written by /

Fahd Bin Abd Al-aziz

King Saud University

Faculty of Education

Department of Islamic Culture  


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