Personal Data

Name : safana Hatem Asiri

Nationality: Saudi

Date of Birth: 9/02/1981.

Marital Status: Married

College : Education

Department :  Preschool Education 

Current Job : Assistant Lecturer 

Email : safana2000@hotmail.com    

 Academic qualifications

-Preschool Education Bachelor Degree from King Saud University2003.

-Currently postgraduate student in the Master Education. 

 Training Courses


-Attending Montessori schools built by King Faisal in cooperation with the International Center for the Study of Montessori, 128 hours of training 2004.


 -Early childhood symposium held in the King Fahad Cultural Center 2005.

-Attending, Access to childhood world through the playing (introduction to Psychological remedy with play) King Saud University with Dr.al-sowayg at 2006.    

 -Attending workshop Centre  held in  King Saud University  with Dr.al-ameel that are :


A- How to understand ourselves workshop.

B- Summer environment organization workshop.

C- Cubes Corner Workshop.

D- Art Corner Workshop

E- Vague play corner workshop.

F- Library Corner Workshop

G- Perceptive works corner, Workshop.

H- Research and finding Corner Workshop.

I-  Cooking activities workshop

J- Play with sand and water workshop.

K- Free play workshop at the outdoor.

L- Children observation workshop

M- Behaviour direction workshop


- Quality kindergarten course with Dr.Nahla Kahwaji of King Abdulaziz University 2006.


- (SPSS) Cours 30days training with Dr.susan,king saud university 2006.


- Attending Pre-school Education Cases Symposium Held at King Saud University on 2007.



- Attending the work shop, making modern strategies for training field training supervisors with Dr.khalil Azza , King Saud 2007.


- The future of education pedagogical in K.S.A university 2008.


- Introduction to Psychological remedy with play workshop 15 hours training with Dr.dabor maha 2008.




- Working as field training supervisor, King Saud University 2003 until now.

- Member of academic guidance Committee 2007

- Member of exam Committee 2008