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1. The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, UK

2. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education, Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA

3. South African Journal of Agricultural Extension, South Africa

4. The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

5. Journal of Extension, U.S. Cooperative Extension System, USA

6. Journal of Agricultural Education (JAE), USA

7. American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE), USA

8. Journal of Extension Systems, India

9. International Journal of Education and Development, University West Indies, West Indies

10. Global Approaches to Extension Practice: A Journal of Agricultural Extension, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria

11. African Journals On-line  (AJOL)

12. Online search-A very useful source

13. Agri – Business, (Spark - Online Refereed Journal), India

14. Journal of Tropical Agriculture , Kerala Agricultural University, India

15. Journals List : Agricultural Sciences

16. Agricultural Extension, GTZ an international cooperation enterprise, Germany

17. Centre for Resaerch and Innovation and Science Policy (CRISP), India

18. Find millions of articles 

19. BNET Research Center, A useful search site

20. National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management, India

21. Agricultural Extension, Institute of Agricultural and Food Information, Prague, Czech Republic

22. College of Agriculture and life Sciences, Texas, A&M university, USA

23. University of Idaho Extension system, Idaho,USA

24. University of Tennessee, USA  (Online resources at UT Libraries Database)

25. Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, USA

26. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)  

27. Worldwide Universities Search

28. A Guide to Universities, Colleges and Schools around the World

29.  Water Conservation Portal

30. Water Conservation Overview

31. Water Conservation and Drought

32. Water Conservation Program

33. Water Saving

34. Water Use and Save

35. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), India: Down to Earth - An e-bulletin

36. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Iowa, USA 

37. International Journal of Water, UK

38. Agricultural Management. This site provides links to U.S. Department of Agriculture and other sites for information on agricultural management.

39. Cooperative Conservation America: Action Stories. This site serves as a public forum for collecting and sharing the cooperative conservation

 40. Economics of Sustainability: Watersheds. This online EPA Watershed Academy module contains issue papers on seven topics that are relevant to the socioeconomic aspects of the watershed sustainability.

41. Growth and Water Resources. This distance-learning training module on EPA's Watershed Academy site explains how changes in land use affect water resources and presents national data on trends in land development that have created significant challenges for achieving water quality standards.

42. Sustainable Agriculture. This site provides links to publications related to sustainable agriculture from the National Agriculture Compliance Assistance.

43. Sustainable Water Infrastructure. This site highlights the "Four Pillars of Sustainable Infrastructure" - Better Management, Full-Cost Pricing, Water Efficiency, and Watershed Approaches to Protection.

44. Source Water Protection. Preventing drinking water contamination at the source - streams, rivers, lakes, and underground aquifers - usually requires the combined efforts of many partners such as public water systems, communities, resource managers and the public.

45. Water 2025. This Department of the Interior initiative helps western states to manage scarce water resources and to develop partnerships to nourish a healthy environment and sustain a vibrant economy.

46. Water Research - A Journal of the International Water Association (IWA), UK