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Conferences :


1.     14th Saudi Neuroscience  Symposium, King Abdulaziz      

                                Medical City Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.( March,2006)


2.         Stroke and Atherothrombosis, King Abdulaziz                                                                      

                                Medical City Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.(Dec.,2005)


3.     The  International Symposium on Emergency Medicine, Critical       

                                Care and Neurological Emergency Workshops on :ICP 

                                Monitoring ,Neuroemergency Cases. (4/11/2006)


4.       7th Department of Medicine Research day, King Abdulaziz      

                                Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.(Dec.,2005)


5.     Fundamental Critical Care Support Course, King                                        

                                  Abdulaziz Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.(Dec.,2005)


6.     Internal Medicine Update, King Saud  University, Riyadh,

                               Saudi Arabia.(March,2006)


7.     GCC Evidence Based Clinical Practice Workshop(Basic), King  

                               Saud  University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.(November,2006)



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