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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة





Date of Birth:  1383 H/ 1962 AD.


Marital status:    married and have three children.




    B.A (Arts), Islamic archaeology, King Saud University, Riyadh 

                                         Saudi Arabia   (1406 H/ 1986 AD).


                     M.A (Traditional architecture) , King Saud University, 1417 H.


                     PhD (Islamic architecture), University of Southampton, UK




Professional Experience:

                     Archaeological Researcher, Deputy Ministry of Antiquities

                     and  Museums, 1406 H/ 1986 AD.

                   Deputy Director of the Department of Antiquities Hail (1406-1422H)

Director of Antiquities, Dirriyah , Riaydh Region (1412 -1416)

Director of Administration, Deputy Ministry of Antiquities and

      Museums (1418 – 1419 H)

  Director of al-Murabba Palace project Riyadh (1419-1420        H).

  Director of Publications, Deputy Ministry of Antiquities and

      Museums (1425-1426).


Filed Works:  


                    Participated in preparing scenario for the National Museum in


                     Prepared scenario for al-Murabba Palace exhibits,  Riyadh.

                     Member of the team for strategic plan for archaeological 

                            exhibits by the Supreme Commission of Tourism, Riyadh.

                     Member of working group of Museums in Saudi Arabia

                     Prepared scenario for the Educational Museum in the historic

                                         al-Badiya Palace, Riyadh.

                     Prepared scenario for the regional museum in Hail              

                    Studies, documentation and registration of historic al-Murabba

                                     Palace,  Riyadh, 1420

                    Conducted comprehensive archaeological survey for the Islamic

                                     sites on Iraqi pilgrimage route in Hail region.


                    Conducted comprehensive survey fro the traditional buildings in

                                     Hail region.


                    Visited almost all archaeological sites in Hail region and wrote

                                     reports on some of these sites.


                  Supervised he restoration of al-Qishla and al-Ayraif palaces in

                                     the city of Hail.


                Supervised the restoration of fortification walls and towers in the

                                     old and  ruined city of al-Dirriyah.



                 Participated in the excavations of the Islamic\i site of al-Rabbadha

                                     1419 H.


                 Participated in the excavations in al-Jawaf region conducted by

                 the Deputy Ministry of Antiquities and museums 1919 AD.


                 Conducted comprehensive archaeological survey of the historic

                                     city of Faid.


                 Participate in the scientific dialogue for the Conference on the

                 traditional cities held in Egypt in 2006 in co-operation with the

                                     Scientific Institute for the Development of Cities


                 Director of excavation project for the excavation of ancient city of

                                    Faid in Hail (1427 H / 2006 AD)





                  Book titled  Amara al-Manzil bi Muntiqat al Hail – Dirasa

                                   Mamariya.    Published in 1423 H



                 Translated PhD thesis into Arabic under the title Al-Athar al-

                  Mamariya bi madinat al Faid al qadeem (under publication).


                Paper  on the recent archaeological discovered in the historic city

                                    of al-Faid.


  Paper on Ancient Defense Monuments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



International Conferences:


                Arabian Studies Seminar London , 2002 AD


                Arabian Studies Seminar, british Museum, 2004 AD.



                World Heritage Committee 19th session 2005




                Strategic work shop for archaeological objects, Supreme

                                 Commission for Tourism.


                Workshop for the development of tourism in Hail region


                Workshop for the specifications of restoration of traditional




                Workshop for the development of Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.



Address:                 P. O. Box 3734, Riyadh 11481, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

                                 Deputy Ministry of Antiquities and Museums.




                                Tel: (009661 (0) 506171031 (mobile).

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