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2007 " Child Friendly Cities: the case of Riyadh" Presentation at Kingdom School, Riyadh.

2007 Member of External Peer Riview of the Survey of Economic and Social Development in the ESCW Region 2005-2006, UN ESCWA, Damascus.

2007 "The social Factors affecting Saudi Women participation in Development"  Paper in The Social and Political challenges facing Women in Arab Gulf societies. Kuwait University, Kuwait.

2006 " Children and Divorce: study for children's perspective in divorced Saudi Families" Reserch in Divorce in Saudi family simenar. King Saud University- Riyadh.


 2005 " Changing Childhood In Saudi Arabia", a study in  conference Children and Youth in Emerging and Transforming socities, Oslo.

2005 " The Social Factors involved in writing Scientific literature  for Arab Children", paper in Science in Childen's books seminar, Tunisia.

2005 " Childen's Culture and the Heritage: a study for folk tales Role in Socioliazation in S.A" paper in social organization at king Abdulaziz phase seminar. Dart King Abdalaziz, Riyadh.

2004 " Families Role in the Application of Children's Rights" workshop in Early Childhood Simenar, Minstry of Education, Riyadh.

2004 " issues around the Development of children's culture in Saudi Society: Children's literture as an example" paper in the first forum for Saudi intellect, Minstry of information, Riyadh.   

2003 “Children in Al-Riyadh city: a study of the impacts of physical change on the domestic environment and local society”  paper in Children and the city conference- Amman, also Puplished in journal of Childhood and Development.

2003 “ Children’s Rights between Theory and Practic”. Paper presented In Human Rights in Peace and War Conference. Riyadh.

2003 “ Sociolization and change: a study for challenges faceing Saudi Family”. Paper presented in Abha Multga. Abha.

2001 "writing for Arab Children: Difficulties and Obstacles"  paper  presented in the Annual Literary meeting for UAE Literate, UAE.

§         1999 "Female Childhood in Traditional Saudi Society" paper presented in: Women and Development through the last Decade in Saudi Arabia seminar, KSU.

§         1999 "Raising children  in a changing society: Challenges and Problems Facing Middle Aged Mothers in Riyadh" paper presented for the postgraduate research institute, Hull University.

§         1998 "The Social Factors affecting Children's Literacy : Applied Research on The Cartoon Characters Suggested for Arab Children". The General Management Institution.


        §          1997 "Children's Literature in Saudi Arabia" paper presented in the First Annual Post Graduate Conference-Center for The Social Study of Childhood, Hull University




2005 " Writing for Arb Child: Questions and Callanges" journal of Social affairs, volume22, no. 88.

2004 " The Elements Affecting the Creative works provided to children in the Arab world: An Applied Piolt Study on Cartoon Characters Proposed to Arab children" Journal of Arab Children, Volume 5, NO. 18. 

2003 “Children in Al-Riyadh city: a study of the impacts of physical change on the domestic environment and local society” journal of Childhood and Development, Volum 3, No. 11.


Stories and Playes for children.


Consultant with  Mena Child Protection Initiative (2004-2006)- KSA.

Member of Center for The Social Study of Childhood –UK.

Member of different commtees at KSU.

Member of The Educational commetee in the National Museum. Riyadh.



§         Writing & Publishing stories and plays for children

§         Porcelain Painting.


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