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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


History of the Rashidan caliphs

“Orthodox caliphs”

(11-40 AH/632- 661AD) 

(146 Hist)

(2 Credit hrs)


   The purpose of this course is to give the students the basic knowledge with regard to major events that took place in Arabia after the death of prophet Muhammad (11AH / 632 AD).

One of these episodes is the convention of Sakifa and the election of Abu Bakr, the first caliph after the death of Muhammad. The second major  episode, is the Riddah war,(war of apostasy) which resulted in a complete defeat of the apostasy.

Special attention will be focused on the reign of caliph Omar I, and his military and administrative achievements.

The second section of the course will be devoted for caliphs Othman and Ali. The murder of Othman, and the civil war between Ali and Mu’awiya I, deserve special consideration in order to understand what really happened during these tragic episodes.

          Course requirement:

1 -   med term exam.

2 -   one term paper.

3 -   final exam.

       Course reading:

1 -   Ib sacd, Tabaqat, Vol, 3 (biographies of the four caliph).

2 -   Tabari, Tarikh, Events of years (11-40 AH ).

3 -   A. Al-Najjar, Tarikh al- Khulafa (Text book).

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