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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Prophet Muhammad’s Biography

“Sirat Rasul Allah”

(145 Hist)

(2 Credit hrs)

          This Course is divided into two Parts; the first one is dealing with the life of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) at Makkah, his childhood, his call and the attitude of Quraysh toward his call for the new Faith (Islam).

          The aim of this part is to draw the students’ attention to the difficulties that Muhammad and his Followers had to face at Makkah. While the Second section of the Subject is mainly about Muhammad’s life at Madina, where he Started his call there and his strugle (Jihad) against the infidels of Makkah and all unbelievers throughout Arabia and elsewhere.

          Course requirement:

1 -   med term exam.

2 -   one term paper.

3 -   final exam.

       Course reading:

1 -   Ibn Hisham, The Biography of Prophet Muhammad (Phuh).

2 -   Ib sacd, Tabaqat, Vol- 1-3.

3 -   Al-ghazali, Fiqh al-Sirah.

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