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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Resume   (Curriculum Vitae)


Name      :   Saeid    Mohamed   Basmaeil

Nationality                                                           :   Saudi         Sex:  Male       

Date of birth : 21/5/1947

Current Academic Rank:

           Professor Animal  Nutrition (Ruminant).


 Academic Degrees:

1)   B.Sc. : University: King Saud University(Riyadh). College: Agriculture

     Date of Obtaining Degree            :      24 / 5 /1970


2)   M. Sc. : University:   Aberdeen University       College:   Agriculture

     University Location:        Aberdeen , Scotland  UK.

     Date of Obtaining Degree    :  6/11/1974

   Master's Study Method:       Courses   & Research

Title of Master's Thesis : The effect of genotype, diet and slaughter weight on growth, food conversion efficiency and carcass traits of lambs.


3) Ph.D.  : College :      Hannah  Dairy  Research  Institute

     University        :     University of Glasgow

     City, Country  :    Glasgow , Scotland  ( UK.) 

     Ph.D. Acquiring Date :         13/ 1 / 1979 .

Ph.D. Thesis Title: The effect of a methane inhibitor on rumen fermentation, milk production and energy balance in goats, and on VFA production rate in sheep.

    Major Field           :   Animal  Nutrition  ( Ruminant ).


1)  Employment History: ( in Descending Order)

        Professor     :  from       21/10/1995 until Now.

       Sbatical leave in Cardiff University, UK  2000/01.

       Sbatical leave :

        in Clumbia, Missouri University (USA) and California  

        Davis University    1993/94.

       Associate Professor        :    19/ 5 / 1985  - 21/10/1995

       Assistant  Professor        :    23/ 1 / 1979 -  18/5/1985

       Study leave                     :    27/ 7 / 1972 -  22/1/1979

       Teaching Assistant          :     1970 -1972    


2) Administrative Assignments: ( in Descending Order )

Head Animal Production Department    :   4/6/1989 - 22/4/1993

Director Agriculture Research center     : 11/6/1983 - 27/6/1987

Head Animal Production Department    :  26/6/1980 - 17/6/1981

3) Scholarships, Awards:

- Salary increment in 1981  and  Two months salary as incentive in 1983.

- KACST research grant 1985 for camel productivity project (AR-6-60).

- KACST research grant 1998 for camel nutrition project (MP-1-17).


 Academic Work:            

    A )  Papers Published in  Refereed Periodicals :

1- Basmaeil, S. ; Attia, F.M. ; El-Kiridis, M. and Bayoumi, S.  (1986) The effect of incorporating hen or bull manure into  broiler rations. J. Coll. Agric., King Saud Univ., 8(2) :315-321.

2- Basmaeil, S. ; Abouheif, M. and Bakkar, M.N (1991) The effect of feeding and muscle location on postmortem temperature and pH changes in camel carcasses. Alex., J. Agric. Res., 36(3) :45-55.

3- Basmaeil, S. and Abouheif, M. (1991) Predictive equations for estimating carcass lean, fat and bone in Najdi camel.  Alex., J. Agric. Res., 36(3) :57-68.

4- Basmaeil, S. (1994) Effect of voluntary intake of Alfalfa or Rhodes  grass  hay alone  or  supplemented  with  whole  or  rolled  Barley  on digestibility and nitrogen utilization in sheep. J. King Saud Univ., (Agric. Sci.), 6(2) : 239-252.

5- Basmaeil, S. and Tolba, M.H. (1995) Heat and vapor production of dairy heifers and sheep. Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research,  V. 13  : 293-307.

6- Abouheif, M.; Basmaeil, S and Bakkar, M.N. (1986) Estimation of body and carcasses weights in Saudi Arabian Najdi male camels. Arab. Gulf J. Scient. Res., 4(2) : 733-743.

7- Abouheif, M.; Alsobayel, A.A and Basmaeil, S. (1988) A Comparison of carcasses chemical composition of Najdi and Naeimi ram lambs slaughtered at 50 kg body weight.  Arab. Gulf J. Scient. Res., Agric. Biol. Sci., B6(2) :153-162

8- Salah, M.S. ; Basmaeil, S. and Mogawer, H.H. (1988) Growth curve in Aardi goat. Arab. Gulf J. Scient. Res., Agric. Biol. Sci., B6(3) :369-376

9- Abouheif, M.; Abdo, G.M.; Basmaeil, S. and Alsobayel, A.A. (1989) Identification of the preference patterns of different breeds of sheep for consumption in Saudi Arabia. Asian-Australian J. Anim. Sci., 2(2) : 129-132.

10- El-Nouty, F.D. ; Al-Haidary, A. and Basmaeil, S. (1990) Physiological responses, feed intake, urine volume and serum osmolarity  of Aardi goats deprived of water  during  spring and summer., Asian-Australian J. Anim. Sci., 3(4): 331-336.

11- Abouheif, M.; Basmaeil, S. and Bakkar, M.N. (1990) A standard  method for Jointing camel carcasses with reference to the effect of  slaughter age on carcass characteristics in Najdi camels. 1- Whole- sale cut weight. Asian-Australian J. Anim. Sci., 3(2) :97-102.

12- Abouheif, M.; Basmaeil, S. and Bakkar, M.N. (1990) A standard  method  for  Jointing  camel  carcasses   with  reference  to  the  effect  of  slaughter  age  on carcass characteristics in Najdi camels. II- Variation in lean growth and distribution. Asian-Australian J. Anim. Sci., 3(3) :155-159.

13- Abouheif, M.; Basmaeil, S. and Bakkar, M.N. (1991) A standard method for Jointing camel carcasses with reference to the effect of slaughter age on carcass characteristics in Najdi camels. 3- Partition and distribution of carcass fat. Asian-Australian J. Anim. Sci., 4(3) :219-225.

14- Hussein,  M.F.; Bakkar, M.N.; Basmaeil, S. and Gar El Nabi, A.R. (1988) Prevalence of toxoplasmosis in Saudi Arabian  camels (Camelus dromedaries). Vet. Parasitology, 28 : 175-178.

15- Hussein, M.F.; Basmaeil, S. ; Bakkar, M.N. and Gar El Nabi, A.R. (1992) Serum levels of some electrolytes and trace  elements in camel calves during the first year of life. J. Appl. Anim. Res., 2 : 13-18.

16- Hussein, M.F.; Basmaeil, S. ; Bakkar, M.N. ; Gar El Nabi,  A.R. and Sanad, H.H. (1993) Normal serum enzyme levels in the Saudi Arabian camel . Indian  J.  Anim. Sci, 63 : 13-16.

17- Alfuraiji, M.M. ; Basmaeil, S. and Gamil, M.H. (1994) A note on relationship of plasma thyroxin and triiodothyronine rate to body weight in growing male camels. Anim. Prod., 59 :460-462

18- Abouheif, M.; Al-Saiady, M.Y. ; Kraidees, M.S. ; Basmaeil, S. and Al-Suwaid, A.A.  (1995) Influence of dietary energy and postmortem electrical stimulation on meet quality and collagen characteristics of lamb carcasses. Asian-Australian J. Anim. Sci., 8 :577-582.

19- Kraidees, M.S. ; Al-Saiady, M.Y.; Basmaeil, S. ; Al-Suwaid, A.A. and Abouheif, M.; (1996) Effects of plane of nutrition and broiler offal meal supplementation on effciency of energy utilization by growing lambs. Tropical Agric. (Trinidad), 73 : 309-313.

  20- Al-Saiady, M.Y. ;  M.S. Kraidees ; S.M. Basmaeil and A. Al-Suwaid and M.A. Abouheif (1996) Effect of varying levels of poultry offal meal supplementation at two concentrate to roughage ratios on the performance of growing lambs. J. King Saud Univ., vol. 8,  Agric. Sci.(2) :225-234


B)  Papers in  Conferences and Published in full in the Proceeding :

1- Basmaeil, S. and Bakkar, M.N.(1987) Milk production of  Majaheem Camels in Saudi Arabia during the first lactation season. Proc. Saudi Biol. Soc., 10:75-79.

2- Basmaeil, S. (1989) The nutrition of Arabian Camels under controlled management. in : Galal, E. Ruminant production in the dry subtropics constraints and potentials., Proc. Intr. Symp. Cairo 5-7 Nov. 1988 EAAP Publ. No 38, Wageningen : 259-261.


D )  Other Unrefereed Works :

1- Basmaeil, S. and Metwally, H. (1985) Methods of feed analysis. Notebook for training course, provided by  King Saud University Deanship of Community Service & Continuing Education Center.  68p (in Arabic).

2- Hussein, M.F and Basmaeil, S. (1985,1987) Husbanry  of camel and their important disease. Advisory booklet 37p (in Arabic).

3- Basmaeil, S. (1985) Sheep feeding. ( in Sheep breeding and production training course,  Organized by  King Saud University Deanship of Community Service & Continuing Education Center. : 20-36 (in Arabic).

4- Basmaeil, S. and Al-Shaikhaly, J. (1987) Applied biology book ( Bio. 7  Animal production ) for secondary school 1987, 1989  3 vol. Student book 163p ; Lab. book  52p ; Teacher book 125p ( in Arabic.)

5- Basmaeil, S. (1989) Utilization of Wheat and their byproducts in animal feed. (Extension Article), in Advisory Technical Bulletin on Wheat. Agriculture Extension Center, College of Agriculture, KSU. Riyadh :7-18 (in Arabic).

6- Basmaeil, S. (1987) Calves feeding. in  Workshop on dairy industry and production in Saudi Arabia, Regional Agriculture & Water Research Center, Riyadh, 5‑8 April 1987 : 80-94 (in Arabic).

7- Basmaeil, S. (1990) Utilization of Palm trees and their product in animal feed. (Extension Article), in Advisory Technical Bulletin on Palm-tree and dates. griculture Extension Center, College of Agriculture, KSU. Riyadh :197-206.

8- Basmaeil, S. (1989) Camel and the Desert- An Endless Association. Workshop on Desert Studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Scopes and Concerns), Riyadh, 21-23 Nov. 1989 (Ed. Y.M. Abolkhair ) : 279-289 (in Arabic).

9- Basmaeil, S. (1990) Camel Production. Scientific Article, Journal of Science & Technology King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology, 11 : 8-12 (in Arabic).  

10- Basmaeil, S. (1991) Camel and Palm tree : their contribution to food security, (Extension Article), Agric. J. Ministry of Agricul-ture, 21/4 :2-10 (in Arabic).

11- Basmaeil, S. (1993) Final report KACST project AT-6-60 Studies on Najdi camel productivity and utilization of their milk and meat." 560p.

12- Basmaeil, S. (1994) Feed industry in Saudi Arabia. Advisory Technical Bulletin. Agriculture Extension Center, College of Agriculture, KSU. Riyadh 30p (in Arabic).

13- Basmaeil, S. and I. Al-Shahwan (1994) Principal of Agriculture Production Technology . for 3rd year secondary school  2 vol. Student book 200p ; Teacher book 125p ( in Arabic.).

14- Basmaeil, S. (1996) Keeping Camels for Milk production. Advisory Bulletin No39. Agriculture Extension Center, College of Agriculture, KSU. Riyadh  54p (in Arabic).

15- Basmaeil, S. (1996)  Camels and it's economic importance. Advisory Bulletin, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry  28p (in Arabic).

16- Basmaeil, S. (1998) Goat breed. Advisory Bulletin No62. Agriculture Extension Center, College of Agriculture, KSU. Riyadh  48p (in Arabic).

17- Basmaeil, S. (1999) New approach in goat husbandry. Advisory Bulletin No63. Agriculture Extension Center, College of Agriculture, KSU. Riyadh  52p (in Arabic).


B) Councils:

1- Member, Animal Production Department Board 1979‑ to date.

2- Member, College of Agriculture Board 1980‑1981 ; 1989-1993.

3- Member, Experimental and Research Station College of Agriculture Board 1982 and 1986.

4- Member, Agriculture Research Center Board 1983‑1987.

5- Member, Agriculture Extension Center Board 1986‑1987.

6- Member, Saudi Biological Society Board 1980-1990 and general secretary for the board 1981-1983.

7- Member, Editorial Board, J. of the Coll. of Agric., KSU,  1986‑1990.


Papers  Published  While  Working as Assistant Professor :

1- Hussein, M.F.; Elamin, F.M.; El-Taib, N.T. and Basmaeil, S.M. (1982) The pathology of Nasopharyngeal myiasis in Saudi Arabian camels (Camelus dromedarius ). Vet. Parasitology, 9 : 253-260.

2- Hussein, M.F.; Basmaeil, S.; Hassan, H.A.R.; Bilal,  H.K.; Al-Motlaq (1983) Camel nasopharyngeal myiasis : A review with special emphasis on the prevalence of Cephalopina titillator (Klark 1797) among indigenous and imported camels in Saudi Arabian. Proc. Saudi Biol. Soc., 6 : 619-632. 

3- Hussein,  M.F.;  Basmaeil, S.; Hassan, H. (1984) Urinary Schistosomiasis in sheep; a case report. Annals. Trop. Med. Parasitology, 78 : 439-441

4- Abouheif, M.; Basmaeil, S. Metwali, H. and Masoud, S. (1985) Chemical preparation of NaOH-keratin hydrolysate for improving the nutritive value of wheat straw. Anim.  Feed Sci. Technol., 13 : 215-225.

5- Abouheif, M.; Bakkar, N. and Basmaeil, S. (1985) Relationship  of carcass weight and carcass measurements  in Abhawi camels of Saudi Arabia. J. Coll. Agric., King Saud Univ., 7(1) : 51-59.

6- Basmaeil, S. (1982) The use of C14-VFA in measuring rumen  volume and VFA production in sheep. Proc. Intr. Symp. Appl. Technol. Ionizing Rad., Riyadh 12-17 March 1982, :1157-1164.



1- Supervise College and Camel project contribution, in the Annual Camel Racing 1985 - 1987 by opening Vet. Clinic. And Extension Materials.

2- Supervise College and Camel project contribution, in the Annual Agriculture Show 1986 - 1988 through Camel Show and Extension materials.

3- Member, Specifications Committee for Animal Feed, Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) 1986.

4- Member, Committee in Wildlife Conservation and

    Development, Riyadh.

5‑ Member, Committee for Final Evaluation of Research Projects, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh, 1983-1992.

6- Part-time Consultant Ministry of Planing, Riyadh, 1984‑1993.

7- Member, Education Development Committee. Ministry of Education 1983-86

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