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Name:        Mohamed Saleh  Al- GARAWI


Address:   Physics Dept. Faculty of Science                                

              King Saud University               

              Riyadh 11451 , P.O.Box 2455

              Kingdom of Saudi Arabia                                     

             Tel. 46-76438 (office), E-mail:                                            


Nationality:  SAUDI


Academic Career:


      Associate Professor  from  9th May 2001 till now

      Assistant Professor from 2nd Feb.1988 - 8th May 2001

      Lecturer from  12th Sept.1983 –1st Feb. 1988

      Demonstrator from  25th July 1972-11th Sept. 1983


Academic Degrees:




University: King Saud University,   College of Science

University Location:  Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Date of Obtaining Degree:     3rdApril 1972   




Title of Master’s Thesis:  Decay Scheme of 42Ca Fed from 42K




University: University of Kent at Canterbury (UKC),  College of Natural Science

University Location:  Canterbury, Kent, England – UK

Title of Ph.D. Dissertation: Thermal Neutron Scattering Studies by Some Molecular liquids












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15- M. S. GARAWI, M. R. Baig  and T. Al-Mosa, "Residential Radon Concentration Measurements in Different Schools in Zulfi (Saudi Arabia) Using CR-39 Detectors", to be published).

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