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Continuing education in Pharmacognosy

 Type  Name
  Authentication of plant samples
  Biologically active compounds from marine organisms
  Cannabis (Marijuana) — Effects on Human Behavior and Performance
  Drugs from the deep-marine natural products as drug candidates
  Herbal bioactivation
  Improving drug discovery from microorganisms
  Medicinal Plants in Egypt-1
  Natural products in anticancer therapy
  Quality Control of Herbal Drugs.pdf
  Rapid Testing Methods of Drugs of Abuse
  Recommended Methods for Testing Cannabis
  Recommended Methods for Testing Opium, Morphine and Heroin
  Some aspects of toxic contaminants in herbal medicines
  The historical delivery of antibiotics from microbial natural products—Can history repeat
  Unconventional natural sources for future drug discovery
  WHO-Traditional Medicine Strategy (ARABIC)
  Valerian root and quality control
  20 years of research into medicinal plants
  African plants as a source of drugs

Analytical tools for the detection and characterization of biologically active compounds from nature

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