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Foundation Engineering


Foundation engineering course aims at providing engineering students in their senior year with the knowledge that enables them to designfoundation for engineering structures. this includes shallow and deep foundations. The design must be safe and economical and can be practically constructed.

 Course syllabus

             1-subsoil exploration

              i-subsoil program

                 soil sampling,disturbed and undisturbed samples

              ii-field tests

                        standard penetration test.SPT

                         cone penetration test.CPT

                          vane shear test

                         geophysical tests

               iii-boring logs

              iv-rock coring

              v-subsoil exploration report

              2-shallow foundation

                 i-ultimate bearing capacity

                    Terzaghi theory

                  ii-general bearing capacity

                 iii-bearing capacity factors

                 iv-modification of bearing capacity equations for water table

              3-foundation of special cases

           i-   foundation on rigid base at shallow depth

           ii-bearing capacity for layered soils

             stonger soil underlain by weaker soil

            bearing caoacity of foundation on top of slopes

              4-bearing capacity and foundation settlement

              i-stess incease in soil below loaded area.approximate method for stres increase

              ii-elastic settlement using theory of elasticity

              iii-primary consolidation settlement

              iv-secondary comression

              v-field load test

              vi-tolerable settlement of buildings

               5-mat foundation

                i-combined foundations

                ii-raft foundations

                iii-settlement of mat foundations

                    elastic and consolidation settlement

                  iv-compensated foundations

                  6-retaining walls

                    i-lateral earth pressure

                       Rankine,s theory

                       Coulomb.s theory

                      ii-types of retaining walls

                         gravity wall,cantilever wall,counterfort wall

                       iii-stability of retaining wall against,overturning.stability,and bearing     


                       iv-drainage of retaining wall

                       v-soil reinforcement

                             geotextile reinforcement,geogrid reinforcement

                   7-pile foundation

                       i-typesof piles,steel piles,concrete piles-plain concrete and reinforced

                          concretepiles-cast in place and precastpiles

                          timber piles

                       ii-pile installation

                       iii-load transfer mechanism

                       iv-pile load capacity,point bearing capacity,frictional resistance

                           for sandy and fine grained deposits

                        v-pile load test

                         vi-elastic and consolidation settlement of piles

                         vii-pile driving formuls

                         viii-negative skin friction

                    8-group piles

                       i-group efficiency

                       ii-load capacity of group piles in sandy and clayey deposites

                       iii-consolidation settlement of group piles

    text book

                 principles of foundation engineering

                            by Braja M. Das


                                    foundation analysis and design

                             byJoseph E.Bowles

      evaluation and grading

        1-there will be two mid term exams each carries 20 percent

         2-homework and quizzes 10 percent

          3-final exam  50 percent  


         Final Exam Example

                                                                             Time; 3 hours

                                                                                First semester 1429/1430

                              Answer all questions

          Question one

                 a) List types of field tests.Explain one of them in some details.

                  b)What is the difference between disturbed and undisturbed soil samples?

                   c) Define recovery ratio and rock quality designation.How to classify rock

                      according to RQD ?

                     d)What is the purpose of subsoil exploration?

            question two

                     a) Define general shear failure, local shear failure, and punching shear

                         failure.Illustrate your answer with neat drawing.

                       b) A rectangular foundation L=1.5 B is to be placed at depth1.5m in

                          soil which has unit weight of 17 kn/m3 and saturated unit weight

                         18.5 kn/m3, c=25 kn/m2 and angle of friction=22.The water table is at

                          1.0 m below the ground surface.Find the width B and lenth L of the

                          foundation if the applied load is 400 kn and FS=3.

              Question three

                         a) A square foundation 2m by 2m is acted upon by a load of 300kn

                             a moment of 150kn.m.Calculate and draw the pressure distribution

                             below the foundation

                             b) Find the allowable bearing capacity of a square foundation;

                                   1.5m by 1.5 m resting on stong sand, unit weight of 18.5kn/m3

                               and angle of friction=35 underlain by soft soil with c2=50 kn/m2 and

                           angle of friction=0 assuming fs=3

                                  for two cnditions;

                                1-sand layer thicknessis2m,and

                                2-sand layer thickness is 1m.

              Question four

                            a) What are the types of settlement? Explain one of them in some


                              b) Asquare foundation 2m by 2m is placed on a soil profile as shown

                                below. Find the allowaple bearing capacity assuming the failure

                               surface is within the sandy layer. FS=3

                              c) Calculate the consolidation settlement in the silty clay layer. Use

                                the approximate method to find delta segma z

            Question five

                               a) What the types of retaining walls? Draw neatly each type.

                                b) A cantilever retaining wall is as shown below. Determine

                                  the factor of safety against overturning,sliding,and bearing 


            Question six

                             a)  Expain how to install a pile into the soil. What are the different

                               methods that are used for this purpose?

                               b) Compare steel pile with reinforced precast pile.

                               c) A precast concrete pile is driven into soil , the profile of 

                                   which is shown in the fihure below. Calculate the pile load

                                capacity( frictional resistance and end bearing). assume F IS 4


             Typical Mid -Term Exam

Question One

(a) What are the purposes of soil exploration program?

(b)Explain the Standard Penetration test .Use neat drawing to illustrate your answer. What are the type of samples obtained from this test?

(c) Draw the piston sampler.Compare this sampler with thin-walled tube sampler in obtaining undisturbed soil samples

(d)Define the rock recovery and RQD in rock sampling.

(e) Prepare a borehole log  indicating all the necessary information that should be included.

Question Two

a) What  are the assumptions used by Terzaghi in the bearing capacity theory?

b)A rectangular foundation (2mby2m) is to be established on a soil at a depth of 1 m below the ground surface .Find the allowable colmn load  that can be applied to the foundation  using the folowing data

Dry unit weight 16.8 knlm3 saturated unit weight is 18.2 knlm3,cis 25 knlm2 angle of friction 24

(Note use the general bearing capacity equation assuming the water table is at the base of foundation Use FS 3.

Question Three

a) Draw the different types of pressure distribution beloww an eccentrically loaded foundation .What is the pressure distribution mostly acceptable and why?

b)Find the alloable bearing capacity  of a rectangular foundation (Bis 1m L is 2M) located at depth  1m below the ground surface for stronger saturated clay underlain by weaker saturated clay  located at a depth H of .75m measured from the bottom of foundation

Top layer       c is 150 knlm2

                  unit weight is 18.1

Bottom layer

                      c is 50knlm2

                       unit weight is 16.2.



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