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Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering

CE 281

Two Credit Hours

 Course Syllabus

1.         Introduction

            Earth, Elements, Atmosphere,

            Geology and Geotechnical Relationship

 2.         Minerals

            Physical Properties of Minerals

            Silicate Minerals

            Clay Minerals

            Non-Silicate Minerals

3.         Types of Rocks

            Igneous Rocks

                        Classification of Igneous Rocks

            Sedimentary Rocks

                        Classification of Sedimentary Rocks

            Metamorphic Rocks

                        Classification of Metamorphic Rocks

 4.         Structural Geology

            Joints, Faults, and Folds

 5.         Soil Formation

            Residual Soil and Soil Horizon

            Transported Soils

            Mechanical Weathering

            Chemical Weathering

            Sand Dunes and Stabilization of Moving Sand

 6.         Ground Water

            Resources of Groundwater

            Hydrologic Cycle

            Zones of Groundwater

            Exploration of Groundwater

 There are two midterm exams.  Each carries 20%.  Homework 10%.  Final Exam. 50%.

 Text Book 

There is no specific text book that covers all the material of the course.  However, books in Engineering Geology Rock Mechanics and Soil Mechanics may be useful as sources of the content of the course.Recommended   reference Engineering geology by Goodman

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