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Department              :           Clinical Laboratory Sciences

Course Number      :           CLS 324

Course Title             :           Principles of Electron Microscopy

Credit Hours            :           3 + 1 = 4





Course Description:

This course will provide the student with the basic knowledge in the theory of magnification and resolution, knowledge about the structure of the electron microscope and its operation, techniques of tissue processing; preparation, and staining. Knowledge will be focused mainly on the avoidance of the artifacts. Students will be informed about some special techniques, scanning electron microscope and dark room.



CLS 324:   Lectures Outline

 Weeks                                               Subjects 

 1.                                 Introduction to electron microscopic unit

Rules & safety and administration

2.                                 Lab orientation, Component of the unit

Unit precautions

Equipments, Lab tools

machines, rules and principles

3.                                 Theory of magnification and resolution

4.                                 Structure of the electron microscope; electron gun, electromagnetic lens, comparison between LM & EM

5.                                 Operation of the EM

6.                                 Processing of a specimen to TEM

                                    Obtaining a specimen, fixation, dehydration and clearing

7.                                 Infiltration, embedding and sectioning

8.                                 Artifacts, definition, types, avoidance

9.                                 ,chatter, knife marks ..

10.                               Spécial techniques, perfusion fixation, decalcification

11.                               Scanning electron microscope, SEM versus TEM

12.                               Dark room



CLS 324:   Laboratory Schedule

 Weeks                                               Subjects


1.                                 Lab orientation:

Equipments, machines, rules and principles

2.                                 Preparation of fixatives, buffers

3.                                 Steps of tissue preparation

4.                                 Obtaining the specimen, fixation

5.                                 Infiltration, embedding and Polymerization

6.                                 Sectioning, Ultramicrotoming

Knife making,

Grid preparation

7.                                 Demonstration of staining, EM viewing

8.                                 Special techniques;  coating a grid, perfusion fixation

9.                                 Scanning EM

10.                             Dark room

11.                             Demonstration of EM photo

12.                             Demonstration of EM photo

13.                             REVISION

14.                               FINAL PRACTICAL EXAM




 First Mid Term Examination:           15       

Second Mid Term Examination:      15

Laboratory Quizzes:                          10

Final Practical Examination:            20

Final Theoretical Examination:        40




          1.Sameh E El-shewemi, Essential Electron Microscopy, 2nd ed., Al-Riyadh Press, 2004.

           ISBN. 9960-681-00-9


          2. A. W. Robards and A. J. Wilson, Procedures in Electron Microscopy, Willy Laboratory Pub. 


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