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 NUR 245






Course Title:              Clinical Aspects of Medical-Surgical Nursing

اسم المقرر

Course Number:       NUR 245

رقم و رمز المقرر

Units Number:           5 hours (1 theory +4 practice)

عدد وحداته الدراسية و توزيعها

Pre-requisite:             NUR 230

متطلب سابق

Co-requisite:              NUR 244

مقرر مرافق

Level:                          FOUR

موقع المستوى الدراسي للتخصص

Course Description:

وصف المقرر

            This course is offered as a co-requisite to NUR 244. The course focuses on helping students to develop advanced skills and clinical competence in the nursing management of adult patients with alterations in human functioning. Emphasis is on developing clinical competencies necessary to provide care in complex acute health care settings. The nursing process approach will be used in providing nursing care.

يركز المقرر على تنمية المهارات و القدرات اللازمة لتوفير العناية التمريضية المعقدة بمرافق العناية الفائقة و يؤكد المقرر على أهمية تطبيق المحتوى النظري الخاص بتمريض حالات الباطنة و الجراحة أثناء التدريب العمل..
و يحتوي هذا المقرر على الوحدات الآتية: الرعاية التمريضية لمرضى الجهاز الدوري و القلب، و الرعاية التمريضية لأمراض الجهاز التنفسي، العناية التمريضية لمرضى الجهاز البولي، الرعاية بمرضى الجهاز الحركي و العضلي ثم العناية بمصابي البتر.


أهداف المقرر

1.      Acquire competence in the application of pathophysiological concepts in the care and management of patients with severe disruptions in health status.

2.      Demonstrate competence in the application of theoretical content related to meeting the health care needs of patients undergoing medical and surgical interventions following the nursing process approach.

3.      Participate in ongoing educational health activities related to the care management of adult patient with severe alteration in body functioning.

Other specialty benefits from this course:

التخصصات المستفيدة من المقررات

Critical Care Nursing (NUR 356) – Emergency Care Nursing (NUR 488) – Maternity and Child Nursing (NUR 352 – NUR 362) – Community and Mental Health Care Nursing (NUR 472)

Course Outline:

الموضوعات الرئيسية في المقرر


No. of Weeks

Contact Hours

I.       Management of patients with nervous system disruptions

-        Assessment of the nervous system

-        Clinical manifestations of the neurological problems

-        Increased intracranial pressure

-        Cerebrovascular accident



II.    Management of patients with muskuloskeletal system disruptions                                      

-        Assessment of the muskuloskeletal system

-        Diagnostic tests

-        Fractures

-        Splints, casts and traction




III. Management of patients with renal system disruptions

-        Assessment of the urinary system

-        Inflammatory disorders

-        Urinary retention and incontinence

-        Renal Calculi

-        Renal tumors – renal diversions.

-        Renal failure – renal transplantation.




Methods of Teaching:  

الطرائق المقترحة لتدريس المقرر

-        Lectures

-        Discussion and participation

-        Over Head Projector and transparencies

-        Assignment, reports and presentation

Each student will be expected to submit a weekly nursing care plan for different diagnosis as assigned. A nursing assignment concerning a clinical problem will be required and introduced from every student through a presentation.


نظام التقويم

-        Quizzes                                                                       10%

-        Midterm examinations                                                 20%

-        Clinical practice and checklist                                    30%

-        Final written examination                                           40%   



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