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King Saud University

Faculty of Nursing

Medical Surgical Departm 

Undergraduate Curriculum

Course Content

   Course Number:   NUR122

   Course Title:          Foundation of Nursing

   Credit Hours:         3 hours (2 theories + 1 practice)

   Co-requisite:          NUR 123

   Level:                      Two


Course Overview

Foundation of nursing has been designed to provide today's students with solid foundations of nursing principles to prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Therefore, this course introduces the student nurses to the fundamentals of nursing skills within the nursing process framework. This course is offered as a co-requisite to NUR 123 (Concept). The course is designed in a modular form; each module integrates theory and skills needed to perform basic nursing skills. The teaching method demonstration and return demonstration will be employed, and evaluation will be on the student's fulfillment of the prerequisite material for each module, as their active participation in the teaching sessions.


General objectives

At the end of this course the student nurse is expected to have:

            Acquire cognitive, psychomotor and affective skill needed to carry out foundations of     

              nursing activity.


Course Objective

At the end of the sessions the student nurse will be able to:


            Comprehend the rationale and basic concepts underlying nursing care in order to adjust nursing skills accordingly.


            Acquire competency in performing basic nursing skills in the nursing process framework

            Apply the process of critical thinking to patient care interventions.


            Provide a safe environment for clients, self and others while performing nursing care activities.


Course Requirements

The theoretical knowledge will be given in a simplified self-study module format. Students are required to fulfill the modules prerequisite assignments (reading and homework) as scheduled prior to the teaching sessions. Basic nursing procedures and skills will be presented by demonstration and return demonstration teaching method in clinical skills nursing lab. Provision by the faculty member facilitating the course will be made for each student to individually redemonstrate the procedure




Course Outline



No. of Weeks

Contact Hours

I- Promoting Infection Control:

       Basic (Medical Aspects).

       Basic (Surgical Aspects).





II- promoting Patient Hygiene:

       Bed making

       Bathing a Patient

       Patient Personal Hygiene.

       Hair Care

       Foot Care









III- Assessing Vital Signs:


       Pulse rate


       Blood pressure.

       Height and weight













IV - Medication Administration:

       Drug administration.

       Oral medication

       Sublingual medication

       Topical medication

       Eye medication

       Ear medication

       Respiratory medication

       Suppository medication

       Parenteral medication















V-Wound Care: 






VI- Nutritional Management:

       Nutrient Via Tube Feeding







VII- Urinary And Bowel Elimination:

       Urinary elimination.

       Bowel elimination.












       Colostomy care

       Catheter care

       Administration of intravenous solution

       Nutrient Via Tube Feeding



Method of Teaching

·        Lecture

·        Discussion and Participation

·        Data show presentation

·        Demonstration and Redemonstration


Course Requirements

·        Co-Requisite: NUR 123

·        Class participation in discussion

·        Class attendance

·        Assignment  


Student Evaluation

       Quizzes                                        10%

       Midterm written examination       10%

       Midterm clinical exam                20%

       Final clinical exam                       20%

       Final written exam           40%


Learning Resources


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·       Kozier B, Erb G, Berman A and Snyder S. Fundamentals of Nursing. 7th ed.

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      B. Facilities Required:

·        Nursing labs

·        Projector

·        Data show                               



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