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Curriculum Vitae 


Personal Data:

Name                         : Khulood Abdulaziz Al Saniea

Nationality               : Saudi

Marital Statius         : Married

College                      : Education
Department             : Education and Kindergarten

Position                     : Lecturer    

E-mail                                    : Kalsaniea@Ksu.edu.sa


Educational Qualifications:

-         Kindergarten Bachelor Degree, King Saud University, grade Excellent with honor class for they academic year 2003.

-         M.A in education fundamentals, King Saud University for the academic year 2009.

Training Course: 

-         A training course in computer applied programs, from New Horizon Institute. 2003.

-         English language course from Al Faisal International Academy.

-         Symposium about Early childhood, its characteristics and needs at King Fahad Cultural Center, Riyadh city, 1426 H

-         Cases in Kindergarten; symposium, held in King Saud University, 1426.

-         Delivering a speech art course, held in Delivering and Training Center, 1426 H.


-         Training course in minimized training, held in King Saud University 1431 H. 

-         A course in effective university teaching skills, held in King Saud University, 1431. 

Participation in workshops, held at King Saud University and Schools of the Kingdom with Dr. Huda Al Ameel, about 13 workshops as requirement for prescribed syllabus 459 Rawd and 461 Rawd (field training as the following:

§  Workshop in how to understand people.

§  Workshop about Kindergarten Class Context.

§  Workshop in Cube corner

§  Workshop in corner of Art

§  Workshop in delusion's corner.

§  Workshop in perception corner.  

§  Workshop in discovery and research corner.

§  Workshop about Cooking

§  Workshop in Sand and water play

§  Outdoor craft play.

§  Remark workshop.

§  Behavior directing workshop



-         Training workshops in parenting, matrimonial, and humanity that hold in Asrari schools with Dr. Nad Arrabiah in 2007.

-         Reaching childhood world through playing (introduction Psychological Treatment Through Playing), King Saud University, with Dr. Siham Al Swainea in 1427 H.

-         Workshop titled: Quality evaluation management in Kindergartens, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, held at King Saud University in 1427.

-         Workshop in creative dram, held in King Saud University, 2007

-         Workshop in multi-intelligence, held at King Saud University.2007

-         A training course in basics of education acquisition (attainment), held at king Saud University.

-         How to prepare our youth for successful marriage, held at King Saud University in 2007.

-         Workshop about supervisors training modern strategies, filed training in kindergarten, held at King Saud University 2007.

-         Steps toward academic accreditation to improve the University, held at King Suad University.

-         English language course in the USA, in Pensacola State, Pensacola Junior University, 2008.

-         Workshop: from management to leadership, held at Dar Al Oloum University, on her Excellency honor Dr. Noorah Al Fayez, 1420 H.


  I was candidate for scientific Excellence, under the auspices of HRH   Princess Al-Jahawaher Al Ibrahim 1423 H. 


-         Field training supervisor at King Saudi University, 1424H

Occupational activities

-         Exams committee member for the years 1426-1427, 1427-1428, and 1428-1429 H.

-         Member of Academic Guidance Committee, 1426-1427, 1427-1428, 1428-1429 and 1429-1430 H.

-         Annual preparation of reports for the educational and kindergarten department 1426.


Research Activity:

1430 H, unpublished Master, titled "Role of Class Context in Developing Some Scientific Concepts with the Kindergarten Child. College of Education, King Saud University, Riyadh