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Name:Saffar, Ohud Adnan A

Academic Rank: Lecturer

Major Master: Instructional Design &Technology

Major Bachelor : Mental Ratardation

Current position: Lecturer in the Department of Special Education


Academic Degrees:

·       Master in Instructional Design &Technology : University King Saud University.

·       Bachelor of Special Education(Mental Ratardation): King Saud University.

Workshops and training courses:

• International Conference for learning difficulties 2006.
• Symposium excess activity and behavior modification programs 2001.
• Symposium kindergarten at King Saud University Baalish 2006.
• Second International Conference on Disability and Rehabilitation 2004.
• the first conference in the Middle East turmoil on hyperactivity and inability to 2004.
• workshop for teachers to Dr. Ahmed Ansari within the conference of over-activity.

• Workshop counting Educational effective Dr. Shralkhcrmi within the conference of over-activity.
• Symposium World Day of sugar under the banner of sugar and obesity in a hospital security forces.
• Symposium globalization and the priorities of education, King Saud University, 2005.
• Symposium improve performance in the field of prevention of disability 2005.
• cycle patterns of thinking 2006.
• workshop on personal analysis of the line.
• symposium week (29) AL Arab deaf under the slogan dictionary indicative continues with the deaf community

• participate in the Fourth Congress of the General Gulf of disability.
• symposium entitled epilepsy first aid bouts of epilepsy.
• workshop how to prepare tests collection.
• workshop how to prepare a documentary bag.
• symposium education and technical assistance for the disabled 2005.

Participant or the most important work:

• participate and submit a working paper at a symposium on new developments in the field of dispersion of attention and excessive activity on e 19/12/1427.
• participate in the delivery practices of the Special Education Section of academic quality assurance and published in the portal of knowledge.
• participate and submit a working paper at a symposium cope with the challenges in special education on e 28/10/1426.
• oversee the programs as a prerequisite to raising public awareness of disability decision, which had been recruited modern techniques (Internet) service for the disabled on e 27/10/1426.
• Set up a workshop for supervisors and field training students entitled "The design of teaching aids for people with special needs" of e 4/8/1426.

• preparation of the tariff section of the definition of special education students and update section on special education classes e 4/4/1426.
• participate in organizing the first training course on how to deal with cases of Down's syndrome.
• participate in the first summer festival, "I am disabled together."
• participate in the Summer Festival II, "I am disabled together."

Practical experiences:
• Work currently in the special education department demonstrator from the date of e 10/4/1427.
• cooperating in the special education department for a period of two and a half years, from 1424-1425 e history, nature of work has been lecturing and supervising students field training, participation in a number of committees such as the section: Commission acceptance and conversion, and Cultural Committee, the Committee for field training

• practical experience in teaching mentally disabled for two years from the date of 1/3/2001 to 9/4/2003 m.
• volunteer at the Academy to teach special education category of autism for a period of two and a half months from the date of e 22/8/1421 to 6/11/1421.
• volunteer in the Assembly of disabled children in the teaching category of mental disability and mobility for two months from the date of 24/9/2000 to 19/11/2000 m.




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