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King Saud University        

College of pharmacy                       351 PHG                      Final exam (17.5 marks)  

Pharmacognosy Department      First semester 1428              Time : 50 minutes

                                                                                                      Dr. Hanan Al.Yousef                                                                 

Student name                                                                       No.



All questions are to be attempted.


Question I: Read the following statements. Make (True) for the correct answer and (False) for the false one.  

T.F. 1- C-glycosides are very stable (need oxidative hydrolysis).

T.F. 2- α and β sterio-isomers of the same glycoside are usually hydrolysed by the same enzyme.

T.F. 3- Glycosides can be precipitate by lead acetate.

T.F. 4- Glycosides are not reduced Fehling’s unless they are hydrolysable by enzymes or acids.

T.F. 5- Myrosin enzyme is specific for thioglycosides e.g., Sinigrin and Sinalbin.

T.F. 6- The saturation and/or cleavage of the lactone ring destroys the cardiac activity.

T.F. 7- The presence of tannins in senna makes the drug constipating.



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