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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Course syllabus:


Introduction: 4hrs

-General concepts

-Medicinal plants information sources


Phytochemical study:

-Selection of plant material for study

-Preparation of plant materials

-Effective extraction


Biological screening: 3 hrs

-Types of assays

-Common assays for natural products

-Problems in screening of plant materials

-High throughput screening assays

- Biologically directed phytochemical study


Purification and isolation of active constituents: 5 hrs

-Physical methods

-Chemical methods

chromatographic methods


Methods of identification and structural elucidation: 8 hrs

-Physical methods

-Chemical methods

- chromatographic methods


Evaluation of herbal products: 8 hrs

-Methods of identifications

-Detection of foreign matters

-Assay methods for active constituents

-Safety measures






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