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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Course contents (syllabus)

Plants containing alkaloids (botanical and chemical character)

1-      introduction

2-      phenylalkylamine&tropolone and imidazole alkaloids

3-      pyridine and piperidine

4-      tropane alkaloids

5-      quinoline and isoquinoline alkaloids

6-      opium alkaloids

7-      indole alkaloids carboline and purine and steroidal and terendoidal alkaloids


plants containing glycosides (botanical and chemical characters)

1-      introduction

2-      phenolic and cyanogenic and thio glycodides

3-      coumarine and flavonoidal glycosides and related compounds.

4-      Anthracene derivative

5-      Cardiac glycosides

6-      Saponine glucosides.


Marine derived drugs:

1-      biomedical potential of marine natural products

2-      microalgae as a drug source

3-      biological active substances from marine sponges.


Toxicological pharmacognosy

1- poisonous plants

2- Plants as drugs of abuse

3- Hepatotoxic plants

4- Toxic mushrooms


Herbal-drug interactions





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