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Mid -Term Examination Pattern-


Al Kharj University  - CBAK

Department of Marketing



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[Mal practice of any kind is strictly prohibited in the examination – CBAK Examination Section]



Mid Term Examination II


Time: 1 Hr                                                                                         Date:  ……….

Total Marks: 30


Q1. A. Managers who manage the work of non managerial employees are

a- First line managers 

b- Middle managers

c- Top managers

d- Plant managers

B. Management function that involves arranging and structuring work to accomplish the organization's goals is

a- Planning

b- Organizing

c- Leading

d- Controlling

C. ---------- Skills are most important at Top management levels

a- Interpersonal

b- Technical

c- Human

d- Conceptual

D. Informational roles include

a- Leader

b- Monitor

c- Liaison

d- Enterpreneur

E. Middle managers may have title

a- Chairperson

b- Foreperson

c- Project leader

d- President

F._________are the types of ownerships



c-Private Limites

d-All of these

G. ____________Includes creating departments and job descriptions





H._________type of business the number of partners are minimum two



c-Public limited

d-Non of these


I.__________process by which a person, group, or
organization consciously monitors performance and takes corrective action






J._________getting others to perform the necessary tasks by motivating them to achieve the organization’s goals






Q.2.Write True or False

1.Managers are those who coordinate and oversee the work activities of other   people so that organizational goals can be accomplished. [T/F]_______

2.Top Managers at the upper levels of the organization structure who are responsible for making organization wide decesion and establishing the goals and plans that effect the entire organiztion. . [T/F]_______

3.Middle Managers between the firt level and the top level of the organiztion who manage the work of first line managers [T/F]_______

4.Efficiency is not  doing thing right, or getting the most out put form the least amount of inputs. [T/F]_______

5.Effectiveness is doing the right things, or completing activities so that organiztional goal are attained. [T/F]_______


6.Planning is the  Management function that involves defining goals, establishing strategies for achieving those goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities. [T/F]_______

7.Organizing is the Management function that involves arranging and structuring work to accomplish the organization's goals. [T/F]_______

8.Leading is the Management function that involves working with and through people to accomplish organizational goal. [T/F]_______

9.Controlling:Management function that involves monitoring, comparing, and correcting work performance. [T/F]_______

10.Ethics plays important role in Business. [T/F]_______


Q.3 Write short Essays on (Any Two)



  1. Write importance of planning in  Management function.

      2.    Write different types of business 

      3.   Discuss how organizing helps in performing management function

       4.  Explain  different roles of managers.






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