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Introduction to Operations ManagementCH01 Operations mgt.ppt; Chap 1/case0101[1].htmVideo

                  Practice Problems:ch01pp.doc  

Operations Strategy in  a Global Environment/Chapter  2    Operations Management.potx

                Practice Problems: ch02pp.doc

Project Management / CH03 Op Mgt.ppt ;Video (Chapter 3):

 Assignment: Problem Project Management.docx ; Practice Problems:ch03pp.doc        

Project: Suggested Examples of project Topics (Operations Management).docx

Forecasting:   PPT  Forecasting.ppt ; Forecasting Practice Problems Update.docx 


 Design of Goods and Services: DGS PPT.pptx; Case Video: case0501[1].htm

 Managing Quality:Managing Quality.ppt ; Video: vidclips06_01[1].html

Process Strategy: Process strategy.ppt; Video: vidclips07_03[1].html

Location Strategies: LS.PPT.ppt; Video:vidclips08_01[1].html

 Layout Strategies.ppt; Video:vidclips09_01[1].html;Layout Strategy PDF.pdf ; 

                                  Importance of  factory layout design -Project management:

 Human Resources and Job Design.ppt; Video: vidclips10_01[1].html

 Supply Chain Management: CH11 SCM.ppt; Video: vidclips11_01[1].html

 Inventory Management: CH12.ppt; Video: vidclips12_01[1].html

 Midterm Preparation: Mid.Exam.docx

Aggregate Planning: Agg. p.ppt




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