Course Title     :  Nutrition   and  Disease  II

Course Number: CHS 362

Credit Hours     :  3

Course instructor: Theory part: Dr. Adel Al-Hamdan MS, PhD

Clinical practice part: Ali Al-Dughaim Clinical Dietitian

Objective: To  understand  the  relationship  between  nutrition  and disease  together   with  the  dietary  modifications  required  to  treat  certain  diseases.

Description: A study  of  dietary  deficiency  states  such  as protein, energy, vitamin  and  mineral  deficiencies, and  starvation,  malnutrition  and  sub-nutrition. A study of particular  diseases  which  are associated  with nutrition, e.g.  obesity, diabetes  mellitus, Pulmonary, Cancer   . The preparation of  therapeutic  diets  will be  discussed.

Course Outline (Clinical Part):

Week (1-3): Nutrition and Cancer

Week (4-5): Nutrition and Pulmonary disease

Week (6-7): Enteral Nutrition

Week (8-9): Parenteral Nutrition

Week (10-12): Nutrition and Obesity

Week (13-15): Nutrition and Diabetes