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KSU Faculty Member websites > Swaru Kumar Mohanty > publication
1. Research Papers: 8
2. National:6
3. International: 02

Recent Articles& Cases published between 2005-2008) :

• Entrepreneurial Mindset the case of Tata Iron and Steel Co., Indian Journal of Mannagement Technology, Vol 2,  No.1,March-August,2008.(CASE)

• Impact of Cultural Identity and stereotyping on Individual career outcomes and overall organizational effectiveness: A study of a culturally diverse workplace in Rwanda, Central Africa in Indian Journal of Management Technology, Vol.1, No 1, March-August 2007, India.

• Corporate Social responsibility: present practices and future possibilities in Indian Journal Of Industrial Relations, Sri Ram Centre, New Delhi,May-2005.

• Organizational Commitments in Indian Software Companies: Does Individual Demography Matter? IBATJM, 2005
• Tourism Analysis: A full life paradigm, International; Jr. of Tourism Analysis, Cognizant, USA, vol.2, 1997

• Cultural conformation and work efficiency of Buddhist workers: A case study, Jr. of Social Change & Development, Bhopal, India,1995

• The Zen of work motivation: a study of the Buddhists workers in an industrial setting, Indore, India, Jr. AJSDJ, Indore, 1995.

• Neo- Buddhist movement: Problems & Prospects, AJSDJ, Vol. III, MHOW, M.P. 1994.

• They Dance to communicate: The Management of Non-verbal movement languages. Jr. Eastern Anthropologist, India (sent).

Book(s) : 01
• Tata Steel : Becoming World class, Sri Ram Centre,2005.Coauthored by JBP SINHA and Swarup MOHANTY.
Book Review: 03

• Unlearning the fifth discipline , by Devi Akela, Response Books, New Delhi, in IJIR.Vol.39,3,2004
• Designing knowledge management Architecture by Archana  Shukla and R.Shrinivasan,  Response Books, New Delhi in IJIR,2003.
• The 86% solute on, by Vijay Mahajan and Kamini Banga,Whatorn School Publishing, in IJTM, 2007
• Market’s Maya(2009) by Subhash Sharma,IBA,Bangalore in IJMT-(IJIR-forthcoming)

Article Review (International): 9
Review assignment from OBTS*-4 articles(reviewed)
• Capitalism in three easy diagrams – contextualizing organizational behavior, OBTS-2008, BABSON College, Wellesley, MA, USA.
• Beyond the "Content Dumping Ground": Innovating in Blackboard, OBTS*-2008, BABSON College, Wellesley, MA, USA.
• Creating personal and longer-lasting learning outcomes: innovations in organizational behavior design,OBTS-2008,BABSON College, Wellesley, MA,USA
*Organisation Behaviour Teaching Society

Review Assignment from Academy of Management,USA: 2010 –5 Articles (reviewed)
 An examination of organizational structure and continuous improvement and learning across cultures
 The challenge of cultural ecosystem
 Flexibility as rationale for change: towards a discourse perspective
 Compassionate Leadership: Impact on Motivation and Cohesiveness in Virtual Teams
An alter(native)View of Leadership

Working On : .
• A nation wide study on Shifting Indian’s Mind-set in collaboration with JBP Sinha and other professors from India’s top business schools
• Pattern of Entrepreneurial mind -set in India and USA: A socio-cultural Study (Project proposal will be submitted to AICTE very soon)
• Organization Development (A Text Book)
• Group Dynamics(Text Book)
• Built to last: The Case of TATA STEEL sent to Ivey,Canada.


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