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The Summary

 of the

 Doctorate dissertation:


The atheists

Their parties

their doctrines

And the Muslim leaders Situation towards them





Prepared by Student /


Saad ibn Falah A-Aziz Al-Areefi

All prays due to Allah the Lord of all worlds, and peace and blessing of Allah be up on the honorable Prophet, his family and Companions.


This research i.e. ''The atheists, their parties, doctrines and the Muslim leaders Situation towards them'' has included Introduction, preface, four parts, conclusion and explanation indexes.


- Introduction: It includes the importance of the topic, the Chosen reasons and the research plan.


- Preface: In the origin of apostles call, peace is up on them.


- Part one: The beginning of atheism after Islam appearance. It consists of five Chapters.


- Part two: Atheists parties and their influence on Islam. It consists of three Chapters.


- Part three: The Atheists beliefs. It consists four Chapters.


- Part four: The classification of the atheists and the efforts of Muslim leaders against them. It consists three chapters.


- Conclusion: it includes the most important results of the research.


- Index: there are ten indexes.



In addition, I have some important results about that topic included in the following:


1- The trends of atheism are the most dangerous trends, which the Islam enemies have done against Islam since appearance of Islam until now.


2- The term "atheists" is originally Persian not Arabic and it had its special concept before Islam. It expanded after Islam to include every one who calls himself a Muslim and conceals irreligious.

3- The roots of atheism before Islam resulted from a mix of thoughts and beliefs of the previous nations such as Persians, Indians, and Greecs, biblicals and other nations.


4- In their call, atheists relied on many ways of deceiving the simple and the ignorant minds to achieve their malicious aims.

5- Atheists are trying to penetrate Muslims groups to astray them to atheism and irreligion, rather than the appearance of other atheism parties who call themselves Muslims.


6- There is a deep relationship between atheism and discrimination because many of those atheists were known to have discrimination and hostility against the Arabs who took Islam to them.


7- The atheism appearance and there multiple trends  at the present time just are the extension of the old atheism parties, even if they have different names, ways and styles to suit the present time.


8- Shiism is the basic of atheism. Many parties of atheism such as "sabaia", "rawandia", "ismailia", "karamita", and other wicked parties have disguised in shiism and loving prophets family till they manage to harm Islam and start commotion among Muslims.


9- The Islam enemies take some Muslims sons as a means to spread their thought among Muslims as "Zwimar" says:
"the tree will be cut by one of its branches.


10- Muslims scholars may god forgive them differed in their situation from the atheist repentance in the world and I can briefly say that there is a great difference between the atheist who repent before and after we manage him.


11- Many khalifs and princes Muslim faced and fought atheists in the Islamic history and destroys their deviation trends and prevents atheists from achieving their malicious aims.


12- In all times many Muslims scholars has faced atheist's cunning, revealing their doubts wicked plans. and warning Muslims from their evils for purpose of defending on almighty religion.

13- There is a great resistance of the Islamic creed against the hostile challenges of atheists and others in all times in-spite of their trends and conspiracy.


In conclusion, I ask Allah to benefit Muslims from what I have written to make this a plea for me not against me, to forgive my mistakes, prays be to Allah and peace be up on our prophet Mohammad his family and companions.


  Student / Saad ibn Falah Al-Areefi

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