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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

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Q I- In the spaces provided below, give the normal value for each lab test?


1)     Ceatinine

2)     Hemoglobin level =

3)     Albumin =

4)     Serum Sodium (Na)  =

Q II-Choose the right answer for the following sentences


1)Risk factors of CVD include all the following EXCEPT:

b.      Hyperhomocysteinemia.      

c.      Metabolic Syndrome.

d.      Heredity.

e.      Iron deficiency anemia.

Q IV- Case Study (A):


Mr. E is 76 years old. His Ht=153 cm and Wt= 80 kg known case of HTN, DM and dumping syndrome.

A)    What do you now about dumping syndrome?

B)    Calculate the nutritional assessment of this patient and what is your nutritional plan?


Q III- Mark the following sentences with (T) if True and (F) if False


Children, elderly with an inadequate nutrient intake are most susceptible to drug-induced nutritional deficiency. (  )

 Yoghurt is tolerated in patients with lactose intolerance(  )

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