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Common Questions in the Practical Exams



In the course of Dental Radiography & the course of Advanced Dental Radiography

the common questions in the practical exams as the following :


By asking the student to perform one exposure of periapical intra-oral X-ray and do interpretation of the exposed film after processing that includes dental condition, periodontal structures, any abnormalities in the dental and periodontal structures and identify the radio-lucent  or radio-opacity   .




In the course of Introduction to Dental Hygiene the common questions in the practical exams as the following:


- By asking the student to Identify and classify many kinds of periodontal instruments that used by dental hygienist.

- Another way of questions by asking the student to identify the marked part of the instrument or marked part from the shank or ask her to determine the type of the shank for the instrument.

- asking the student to draw either the cross section or general view of the working end for periodontal instrument.





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