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                   DEH 461



Course Title            :      ADVANCED DENTAL RADIOGRAPHY


Course Number     :              DEH 461


Credit Hours          :              1 + 1 = 2


Instructors              :            Dr. Fahmy Mubark ( course director )

                                               Dr. Welita Lim

                                               D.H. Muneera Al-Zeer

                                               D.H. Areej Al-Siwat


Course Description:

Lecture and clinical instruction in exposing and processing of radiographs on the problem patient such as the orthodontic patient, the handicapped patients and  patient with advanced head and neck diseases or injuries, clinical experience will involve instruction in the use of  panoramic radiography.


 After studying the course the student will be able to: 

1- Identify different intraoral radiographic techniques

2- Identify principles of digital radiography

3-- Identify different intraoral radiographic techniques

4- - identify different radiographic presentations of oral cysts

5-- Identify different radiographic presentations of benign tumors

6- Identify different radiographic presentations of malignant tumors

7- Interpret conventional radiographs of facial trauma 

8- Identify different radiographic examination techniques for the TMJ

9- Identify principles of sialography

10-Identify principles of C.T.examination

11- Identify principles of MRI examination


Evaluation :


Theory            80%

Practical          20% 



1-     Essential physics for radiographers. Ball J. &Moore A. /Second Edition/1986/Blackwell Scientific Publication

2-     Essentials of dental radiography for dental assistants and hygienists. De Lyre W. & Johnson O. /Third Edition/1985/Prentice-Hall Inc.

3-     Dental radiography /Principles & Techniques.  Haring J. &Jansen L. /Second Edition/2000/Saunders.

4-     McMinn Color atlas of head and neck anatomy. Logan B., Reynolds P. &Hutchings R. /Third Edition/2004/Mosby



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