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               DEH 346




Course Number    :     DEH 346


Credit Hours         :      1 + 3 = 4


Instructors            :       Dr. Kawkab Al-Turk     (cours director) 

                                     D.H.    Muneera Al-Zeer

                                      D.H. Hadeel Ayoub

                                  D.H. Rasha Al-Otaibi

                               D.H.Areej Al-siwat


Course Description:

Clinical study and practice of oral prophylaxis techniques: proficient use of scalers and curettes: patient education and counseling procedures


1.      Student learns how to take history and examine the patient

2.      Perform extra and intra oral examination

3.      Perform periodontal examination and examination of teeth

4.      Analyzing patient degree of oral care through history and periodontal indeces (PLI and GI)

5.     Formulate dental hygiene care plan to improve patient oral health care and documenting all these information in patient record

6.     Educate the patient on proper brushing, flossing and give dietary advices or analysis

7.     Perform oral prophylaxis procedures on patient with minimal disease of the periodontium and minor presence of calcified and noncalcified deposits and develop proficiency in the use of dental scalers and curettes

Evaluation :

Theory              70%

Clinic                30%


1.     Wilkins, E.M.: Clinical practice of the dental hygienists, 8th edition, 1999, Philadelphia. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.

2.     Dental Hygiene Theory and practice.2nd edition By Darby Walash.Saunders.

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