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Professor Tawfeeg Ali AlNajjar
أ.د توفيق علي النجار
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أ.د توفيق علي النجار
أ.د توفيق علي النجار
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أ.د توفيق علي النجار

 List of Puplications


            Before Ph.D (BS.C Project, Course Number 500):

1)   Tilmisany and T.A. Najjar. Effect of the venom of the cerastes cerastes (African desert horned viper) on the response on the rat vas deferens to field stimulation. Tixicon, 1982, 20(2), 505-50


            Promotion to assistant professor  

1)    T.A. Najjar, Peritoneal absorption of cefopernzone in rats. Journal of Chemotherapy 1992, 4 (1): 23-26.



2)     Tawfeeg A.O. Najjar, Abdelrehim M. Morad and Rao Muzaffar Khan. Effect of indomethacin on the pharmacokinetics of methotrexate in rabbits. Biopharmaceutic & Drug Disposition, 1992, 13: 321-326.



3)    Tawfeeg A.O. Najjar, Kamal M. Mattar and Ibrahim M. Al-Fawaz. Comparison of a new high performance liquid chromatography method with fluorescence polarization immunoassay for analysis of methotrexate. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, 1992, 14: 142-146.



4)    Tawfeeg A.O. Najjar and Ibrahim M. Al-Fazan, Pharmacokinetics of methotrexate in children with acute lymphocytic leukaemia. Chemotherapy 1993, 39: 242-247.



5)    Tawfeeg A.O. Najjar, Mohammed I. Al-Hassan and Rao Muzaffar A. Khan. Theophylline inhibits the elimination of flumazenil in rabbits. International J. Pharmaceutic (1993).


6)    J. Al-Wakeel, T. A.  Najjar, M.J. Alyamani S. Huraib, A. Al-Haider, H. Abu-Aisha. Comparison of the effect of three haemodialysis membrane on vincomycin disposition. International Urology and Nephrology, 1994, 26(2), 223-228.


7)    Al-Hassan M.I., Bawazir S.A., Al-Khamis K.I., Najjar T.A and Al-Ashawi S.A. Pharmacy manpower and job satisfaction of pharmacist. Proceedings for planning health care manpower  symposium. 6-8 November, 1988, page 145-181 (Arabic).




Articles submitted for promotion to professorship

1.   Najjar T.A., O.A. Al-Sheikh, A.A. Al-Dhawailie, A. Sherfan. Bioequivelence and Pharmacokinetics of chlorophenemine in healthy human volunteers.  Int. J. Clin. Pharmacol.Therap. 1995, Vol.33(11) 619-622.


2.   A survey of surgical antibiotic prophylaxsis in Al-Sulimania Clinic Riyadh. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, 1995, 3(4) 176-180.



3.   Najjar T.A., Al-Dhawalie A.A. and Tekle A. Comparison of HPLC with FPIA for analysis of vancomycin in patients with chronic renal failure. J. Chromatography B: Biomedical Applications 1995; 672:295-299.


4.   Najjar T.A. Effect of cepoperazone on the   pharmacokinetics of methotrexate in rabbits. Int. J.  Pharmaceutics 1995; 131: P. 67-71



5.   E.A.Hosny, N.M. Ghilzai, T.A. Al-Najjar and M.M.  El-Mazar. Hypoglycemic effect of oral insulin in  diabetic rabbits using PH-Dependent  coated   capsules containing sodium salicylate without and with sodium cholate. Drug Development and   Industrial Pharmacy, 1998; 24(3)307-311.

6.  T.A. Najjar, H.S. Abou-Auda and N.M. Ghilzai. Influence of piperacillin on the pharmacokinetics of methotrexate and 7-OH hydroxymethetroxate. Cancer Chemotherapoy Pharmacology; 1998, vol. 42  (5): pp 42342 .

            7.  H.S. Abou-Auda, T.A. Najjar, N. Al-Fawzan and N.M. Ghilzai.  Ethenic differences in nifedipine pharmacokinetics, comparison of middle easternern Arabs with other populations. Saudi Pharm. Journal, 1998, vol 6(No 3-4): 217-27.

8.  Nor Eldin A, Al-Khamis K, Bawazir S, Ibrahim O, Al-Najjar T , Al-Hassan M. Effect of clinical pharmacokinetics consultation service on the use of Gemtamicin serum levels at a university hospital. Bul. Fac.Pharm.Cairo. Univ., 1988, vol. 36 No. 1 P.  81-84.


9.     T.A. Najjar, M.Al-ariefi, O.Jabara and M.Dana. Ethical requests received by drug and poison information centre in Saudi Arabia. Journal Social Administrative Pharmacy; 2000, Vol. 17 No. 4, P: 234-7.


10.     H.S. Abuauda, T.A.Najjar, K-Al-Khamis, B Al-hadiya, N Ghilzai and N Al-fawzan. Liquid chromatographic assay of nifedipine in human plasma and its application to pharmacokinetic studies. Journal Pharmaceutical Biomedical Analysis, 2000, vol. 22: 241-249.


11.    Sherif Yahya, Tawfeeg A. Najjar and M –Al-suhaibani. The effect of rebampide on the cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity in rats. Pharmacological Research,. 2000, vol 42 (No 1) : pp: 81-86. 


12.     T.A.Najjar. The disposition of amiodarone in rats after single and multiple intraperitoneal doses. European J.Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics : 2000, Vol 25, No ¾: pp. --------------(in press).


13.     T.A.Najjar. A survey on community pharmacies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal , 2001, April , Vol. 9 (No:2), P:


14.    Tawfeeg A. Najjar and Sherif S.Yahya. Effect of cisplatin on the pharmacokinetics of doxorubicin in rabbits. Chemotherapy., ...


15.    Tawfeeg A.Najjar and Sherif S.Yahya. Cisplatin Pharmacokinetics and its nephrotoxicity in diabetic rabbits. Chemotherapy, 2001, 47: 128-135.


16.     Tawfeeg A. Najjar. The role of pharmacist in patient counselling. Al-Balga . 1999, vol. 6 (No. 2) 61-76. (Review article)


17.      Shfrif Y.Saad, Tawfeeg A.Najjar and Ammar E  Al-Rikabi. The preventive role of deferoxamine againist acute doxorubibin-induced cardiac renal and hepatic toxicity in rats. Pharmacological Research., 2000,  vol: ..... (No: ....): p: ......... .

18.      Saad S.Y, Najjar T.A, Noreldin A.M and Al-Rikabi A.C. Effect of Gemcitabine on the cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats: shedule-dependent study. Pharmacological Research, 2000, Vol. ..... (No.      ), p:


19.       محمم] العريفي ، أسجدوم تكلا ، سوسن الماضي ، عبداللطيف الضويلع ، توفيق النجار التعيين المتزامن للبروبوفول والثيوبينتون في الدم الكامل بواسطة الأستشراب السائل رفيع الأنجاز ذي الطور العكوس. المجلة العربية للعلوم الصيدلية: العدد التاسع . 




Articles published during professorship


1-Najjar T.A. Study on the distribution of community  pharmacies in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia. J.Soc.Admins.Pharm., 2003, Vol. 20(2): 72-76.


2- T.Najjar et al. The role of community pharmacies in primary health care at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. KACST Project (submitted)


3- T.Najjar et al. Distribution of drugs in to the saliva of human volunteers. Submitted.




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