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Professor Tawfeeg Ali AlNajjar
أ.د توفيق علي النجار
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أ.د توفيق علي النجار
أ.د توفيق علي النجار
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أ.د توفيق علي النجار
PHCL 472 content


Course Description 

The course has major emphasis and focus on the fundamental principles of management and administration applied in a generic pharmacy practice setting. Operational management and administrative functions in institutional pharmacy services, i.e. financial  analysis,  purchasing, inventory control,  etc.,  are presented.


Course Objectives

 1. To give the fundamentals of the detailed styles of managers, describe all major distinguishing features of each style.

2.  After completion of a comprehensive presentation of all factors involved in detail, fundamental principles of management, outline and describe all major factors in each of the principles.

3.  To give operational management and administrative functions, outline and describe all factors, functions, etc. presented.


Course Contents   

1.  Introduction:                                                                  

          a)    History of management theory

          b)    Managerial styles

          c)    Overview of pharmacy practice 

2. Fundamental principles of management:  

          a)  Planning/Decision making:

                    1)   Planning principles

                    2)   Decision making process

                    3)   Managerial philosophies

          b)   Organizing:

                    1)  Departmentation

                    2)   Line and staff relationships 

           c) Staffing:                                                                                       

                    1)   Selection process    

                    2)   Appraisal process  development 

                    3)  Team approach of organizational

                     4)  Staff development 

          d)  Directing: 

                    1)   Leadership role

                    2)   Superior/sub   relationships

          e)   Coordinating:

                    1)   Motivation

                    2)  Communications

          f)  Controlling:      

                    1)   System and process of controlling

                    2)   Control techniques

3.   Operational management and administration functions:

          a)   Retail drug distribution systems. 

          b)    Purchasing/inventory control systems             

          c)    Clinical Services      

          d)   Special projects:       

                    1)   Drug utilization evaluation/ review services.

                    2)   Continuing pharmaceutical education activities.

                    3)   Research.



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