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Professor Tawfeeg Ali AlNajjar
أ.د توفيق علي النجار
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أ.د توفيق علي النجار
أ.د توفيق علي النجار
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أ.د توفيق علي النجار

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Name                                      Tawfeeg A.O.Najjar                                              

Present Post :                           Professor,

                                                Department of Clinical Pharmacy,

                                                College of Pharmacy,

                                                King Saud University,

                                                Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Academic qualifications :                                                       

1.         1978                            B.Sc, Pharmaceutical Sciences,

                                                College of Pharmacy,

                                                King Saud University.

2.         1987                            Ph.D. 

                                                College of Pharmacy, University of Wales,

                                                Cardiff, U.K.


Thesis Title                                                               

            "Pharmacokinetics and biochemical studies with medroxyprogestrone acetate in advanced breast           cancer patients".

            Supervised by :             Prof. David Luscombe.

            Grant by :                                 Farmitalia Carlo Erba.


Academic titles:

1.         Assistant professor                                            1987

2.         Associate professor                                           1996

3.         Professor                                                              2002


Academic experiences 

1.         1979-1980                   Pharm.D (Student)

                                                University of Minnesota,

                                                U. S. A. (Degree was not obtained).




1978                Practicing Pharmacist (K.S.A.)

1987                Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

1994                Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy.




1.    Director for Clinical Pharmacokinetic services

            at King Khalid University, Hospital, KSU,

            Riyadh, S.A.                                                                             1987-1990         

2.    Director of Drug and Poison Information Centre,

            at College of Pharmacy, KSU, Riyadh, S.A.                             1991-1996     

3.   Member of the College Council, College of

            Pharmacy, KSU, Riyadh, S.A.                                                  1993-1994

4.    Editor  of a newsletter (DPIC) published by

            Drug and Poison Information Centre, Department

            of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy,

            KSU, Riyadh, S.A.                                                                   1991-1996

5.    Executive member, Cooperate Society for King Saud

            University Staff                                                                        1996-1998

6.    Chairman, Department of Clinical Pharmacy,                            

            College of Pharmacy, KSU,  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia                    1998-2002

7.    President of Saudi Pharmaceutical Society (7th rotation)               1999-2001                              

8.   Chairman of the preparing committee for clinical pharmacy training program at Saudi council for health specialities.                                     2001

9.  Member of the Saudi Pharmacy Board                                           2002- now

10. Member in the private pharmacies committee at the office of commerce

11. Consultant for pharmacies committee at Riyadh office of commerce




A)         Before Ph.D (BS.C Project, Course Number 500):       

1)    Tilmisany and T.A. Najjar. Effect of the venom of the cerastes cerastes (African desert horned viper) on the response on the rat vas deferens to field stimulation. Tixicon, 1982, 20(2), 505-50


B)         Promotion to assistant professor 

1)        T.A. Najjar, Peritoneal absorption of cefopernzone in rats. Journal of Chemotherapy 1992, 4 (1): 23-26.


2)        Tawfeeg A.O. Najjar, Abdelrehim M. Morad and Rao Muzaffar Khan. Effect of indomethacin on the pharmacokinetics of methotrexate in rabbits. Biopharmaceutic & Drug Disposition, 1992, 13: 321-326.


3)       Tawfeeg A.O. Najjar, Kamal M. Mattar and Ibrahim M. Al-Fawaz. Comparison of a new high performance liquid chromatography method with fluorescence polarization immunoassay for analysis of methotrexate. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, 1992, 14: 142-146.


4)      Tawfeeg A.O. Najjar and Ibrahim M. Al-Fazan, Pharmacokinetics of methotrexate in children with acute lymphocytic leukaemia. Chemotherapy 1993, 39: 242-247.


5)        Tawfeeg A.O. Najjar, Mohammed I. Al-Hassan and Rao Muzaffar A. Khan. Theophylline inhibits the elimination of flumazenil in rabbits. International J. Pharmaceutic (1993).

6)       J. Al-Wakeel, T. A.  Najjar, M.J. Alyamani S. Huraib, A. Al-Haider, H. Abu-Aisha. Comparison of the effect of three haemodialysis membrane on vincomycin disposition. International Urology and Nephrology, 1994, 26(2), 223-228.

7)        Al-Hassan M.I., Bawazir S.A., Al-Khamis K.I., Najjar T.A and Al-Ashawi S.A. Pharmacy manpower and job satisfaction of pharmacist. Proceedings for planning health care manpower  symposium. 6-8 November, 1988, page 145-181 (Arabic).


          Articles submitted for promotion to professorship

1.     Najjar T.A., O.A. Al-Sheikh, A.A. Al-Dhawailie, A. Sherfan. Bioequivelence and Pharmacokinetics of chlorophenemine in healthy human volunteers.  Int. J. Clin. Pharmacol.Therap. 1995, Vol.33(11) 619-622.

2.     A survey of surgical antibiotic prophylaxsis in Al-Sulimania Clinic Riyadh. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal, 1995, 3(4) 176-180.


3.     Najjar T.A., Al-Dhawalie A.A. and Tekle A. Comparison of HPLC with FPIA for analysis of vancomycin in patients with chronic renal failure. J. Chromatography B: Biomedical Applications 1995; 672:295-299.

4.     Najjar T.A. Effect of cepoperazone on the        pharmacokinetics of methotrexate in rabbits. Int. J.  Pharmaceutics 1995; 131: P. 67-71


5.     E.A.Hosny, N.M. Ghilzai, T.A. Al-Najjar and M.M.  El-Mazar. Hypoglycemic effect of oral insulin in  diabetic rabbits using PH-Dependent  coated   capsules containing sodium salicylate without and with sodium cholate. Drug Development and           Industrial Pharmacy, 1998; 24(3)307-311.

6.     T.A. Najjar, H.S. Abou-Auda and N.M. Ghilzai. Influence of piperacillin on the pharmacokinetics of methotrexate and 7-OH hydroxymethetroxate. Cancer Chemotherapoy Pharmacology; 1998, vol. 42  (5): pp 42342 .

 6.                  H.S. Abou-Auda, T.A. Najjar, N. Al-Fawzan and N.M. Ghilzai.  Ethenic differences in nifedipine pharmacokinetics, comparison of middle easternern Arabs with other populations. Saudi Pharm. Journal, 1998, vol 6(No 3-4): 217-27.

7.   Nor Eldin A, Al-Khamis K, Bawazir S, Ibrahim O, Al-Najjar T , Al-Hassan M. Effect of clinical pharmacokinetics consultation service on the use of Gemtamicin serum levels at a university hospital. Bul. Fac.Pharm.Cairo. Univ., 1988, vol. 36 No. 1 P.  81-84.

8.     T.A. Najjar, M.Al-ariefi, O.Jabara and M.Dana. Ethical requests received by drug and poison information centre in Saudi Arabia. Journal Social Administrative Pharmacy; 2000, Vol. 17 No. 4, P: 234-7.

9.     H.S. Abuauda, T.A.Najjar, K-Al-Khamis, B Al-hadiya, N Ghilzai and N Al-fawzan. Liquid chromatographic assay of nifedipine in human plasma and its application to pharmacokinetic studies. Journal Pharmaceutical Biomedical Analysis, 2000, vol. 22: 241-249.

10.    Sherif Yahya, Tawfeeg A. Najjar and M –Al-suhaibani. The effect of rebampide on the cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity in rats. Pharmacological Research,. 2000, vol 42 (No 1) : pp: 81-86. 

11.     T.A.Najjar. The disposition of amiodarone in rats after single and multiple intraperitoneal doses. European J.Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics : 2000, Vol 25, No ¾: pp. --------------(in press).

12.     T.A.Najjar. A survey on community pharmacies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal , 2001, April , Vol. 9 (No:2), P:

13.    Tawfeeg A. Najjar and Sherif S.Yahya. Effect of cisplatin on the pharmacokinetics of doxorubicin in rabbits. Chemotherapy., ...

14.    Tawfeeg A.Najjar and Sherif S.Yahya. Cisplatin Pharmacokinetics and its nephrotoxicity in diabetic rabbits. Chemotherapy, 2001, 47: 128-135.

15.     Tawfeeg A. Najjar. The role of pharmacist in patient counselling. Al-Balga . 1999, vol. 6 (No. 2) 61-76. (Review article)

16.      Shfrif Y.Saad, Tawfeeg A.Najjar and Ammar E  Al-Rikabi. The preventive role of deferoxamine againist acute doxorubibin-induced cardiac renal and hepatic toxicity in rats. Pharmacological Research., 2000,  vol: ..... (No: ....): p: ......... .

17.      Saad S.Y, Najjar T.A, Noreldin A.M and Al-Rikabi A.C. Effect of Gemcitabine on the cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats: shedule-dependent study. Pharmacological Research, 2000, Vol. ..... (No.      ), p:

18.       محمم] العريفي ، أسجدوم تكلا ، سوسن الماضي ، عبداللطيف الضويلع ، توفيق النجار التعيين المتزامن للبروبوفول والثيوبينتون في الدم الكامل بواسطة الأستشراب السائل رفيع الأنجاز ذي الطور العكوس. المجلة العربية للعلوم الصيدلية: العدد التاسع . 



Articles published during professorship

1- Najjar T.A. Study on the distribution of community  pharmacies in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia. J.Soc.Admins.Pharm., 2003, Vol. 20(2):


2-  T.Najjar et al. The role of community pharmacies in primary health care at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. KACST Project (submitted)

3.              T.Najjar et al. Distribution of drugs in to the saliva of human volunteers. Submitted.



                 RESEARCH ACTIVITIES (Master Students):

1.    Study the compliance of glucoma patients at KKEH taking pilocarpine eye drops. (Master students' project).

2.     Study the pharmacist therapeutic intervention at King Fahad National Guards Hospital in Riyadh  (Master student project).

3.    A retrospective assessment of application national cholestrol education program (NCEP) guidelines at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center (Master student project).

3.     Ethnic differences in nifedipine pharmacokinetics: study in middle eastren Arabs  (Master student project)

4.     The pharmacist role as a prescriber (Mater Student Project)

5.       Drug use evaluation for pharmacokinetics utilized at Riyadh Milatary Hospital (Master student Project).


Programs evaluation

1)     Involved in the evaluation of several bioequivalence studies conducted at various countries and submitted to the Gulf Office.


2)     Involved in the evaluation of two diploma programs for Saudi Council for Health specialities.

3)    Involved in the evaluation of Job Description for pharmacists working in the Ministry of Health hospitals

4)     Evaluation of research project for King Abdul Aziz University, jeddah.



Grants & Projects   

1.     Grant by Research Center at the college of pharmacy , King Saud University (1989) to study disposition of amiodarone.

2.     Grant provided by British Government: (Summar 1996) "Approach  community pharmacy practice in Great Britain."                  

4.    Sabbital leave (1996-1997) , KSU,  to conduct studies related to community pharmacies in the Kingdom.

5.      Grant by KACST to study: The role of community pharmacies in the primary health care in Saudi Arabia. King Abdull Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) Project No: AT-18-67.: Years 2000-2002.  




1.    T.A. Najjar, J. Al-Wakeel, A. Al-Haider, S. Huraib, M. Al-Yamani and H. Abu-Aisha. Vancomycin dosing in haemodialysis patients (Abstract in the proceedings). Symposium organized by Saudi Pharmaceutical Society [Clinical use of antimicrobial agents]. November 1991, Tabouk, Saudi Arabia.

2.    Najjar T.A., Fish R.G., Keen C.W. and Luscombe D.K.  Medroxyprogestrone acetate in patients with advanced breast cancer. 14th     European symposium on clinical pharmacy, October 14-15, 1985,        Stockholm, Sweden.          

3.     Najjar T.A., A.A. Al-Dhawalie. Florescence Polarization Immuno-assay overestimate vancomycin. Proceedings of 1st International Meeting in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4-7 September 1994, Istanbul, Turkey.

4.     PAPER PRESENTATION:     Vancomycin dosing in hemodialysis patients. Symposium organized by Saudi Pharmaceutical Society. "Clinical use of Antimicrobial Agents", Tabouk, S.A.    Nov. 1991.


            Clinical and Therapeutic update program of fungal infections. Saudi Pharmaceutical Society, Riyadh, S.A.            Sept. 1991.

6.    CHAIRMAN OF MEETING:                 

            "On the danger of narcotics abuse".College of Pharmacy, King Saud University,

              Riyadh, S.A. Nov. 1989.


Organizing one week on the danger of narcotics consisted of (exhibition, posters, symposium and publication in  local     newsletter). College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, Riyadh, S.A.   Nov. 1989.

8.     CHAIRMAN OF LECTURE:           

"Human blood components : their therapeutic values and their manufacturing process by Dr. Raouf E. Hakim. College of Pharmacy, King Saud University,

            Riyadh, S.A.     Mar. 1989.


            Organizing the exhibition of the 4th Symposium on         Drugs ,College of Pharmacy, King Saud University, Riyadh, S.A. 1988.


The opening ceremony of the 4th Symposium on Drugs, College of Pharmacy, King Saud University,     Riyadh, S.A.     1988.


Involved in one of the discussion groups organized during the symposium on health care manpower in Saudi Arabia. Ministry of Health, S.A. Nov. 1988.

12.   Taking part in the discussion organized by Al-Yamamah  Magazine. "Problem of the Week" about toxicity of insecticides. Issue 1208, page 14.

13.    Attending and participating in the discussion of the symposium on "Cooperative buying group of Gulf      States - The current and future". Organized by the office of GCC countries.

14.    Presented 3 lectures on "Bronchial Asthma:       The pathophysiology and Treatment". Part of a Continuing Education program on therapeutic organized by KSU, 1994.

15.   Presented a talk on a meeting entitled    "Cystic fibrosis the clinical manifestation and treatment approach. Continuing Education Program organized by the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society, 1995.

16.    Present a talk entitled "Drug use evaluation on health      care setting". During the symposium entitled:  Controlling Drug Consumptions in Health Care Settings held in  Riyadh in November 1995.

17.    Lecture - The role of pharmacist in patients counseling. Ist Internationa Conference on Clinical Pharmacy: Title: "Clinical            Pharmacy Future and Challange". 1-2 april, 1998, Amman, Jordan.

18.    Lecture - Clinical pharmacy practice in the hospitals of Saudi Arabia.     Ist Internationa Conference on Clinical Pharmacy: Title: "Clinical      Pharmacy Future and    Challange". 1-2 april, 1998, Amman, Jordan.

19.      Participating and coordinating three Scientific meetings of Riyadh,          Dammam and Jeddah related to community pharmacy management,  Oct. 1996.     

        20.   The community pharmacies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:Future Look.   Presentation to the 5thSaudi pharmaceutical              internation conference:          Oct.1999.


Major committees

1)     Chairman: Committee preparing for residency program in pharmacy practice at the Saudi Council for Health Specialties.

2)     Chairman: Committee preparing Saudi National Formulary (Third edition).

3)      Member of the committee preparing guideline for pharmacists registration at Saudi Council for Health Specialty.

4)      Chairman: committee organizing for the 6th Saudi International pharmacy conference held in Riyadh in October, 2001

5)       Member of the committee of the community pharmacies at  the Industrial and commercial office in Riyadh.

6)      Member : The committee of establishing the rules and regulations of pharmacist registration SCHS (1421)

7)        Consultant: the committee of the community pharmacies at  the Industrial and commercial office in Riyadh.   


8)         عضو لجنة التسجيل ومعادلة الشهادات المنبثقة عن المجلس العلمي للصيدلة بالهيئة السعودية للتخصصات الصحية  1423-

9)         عضو لجنة التعليم المستمر المنبثقة عن المجلس العلمي للصيدلة في الهيئة السعودية للتخصصات الصحية

10)       رئيس مجموعة البحوث في الهيئة العامة للغذاء والدواء السعودية: عام 2007


11)         رئيس لجنة الأعتراف ببرامج التدريب المنبثقة عن المجلس العلمي للصيدلة في الهيئة العامة للتخصصات الصحية: 2002-حتى الأن


Attended workshops

1.      Teaching skills Organized by Saudi Council for Health Specialities in coolaboration with College of Physicians & Surgeons of Pakistan. Ocober 22-24, 2002 (16-18/8/1423).

2.      Clinical Trials held by Health Care Institution, London, UK 15 May, 2007




1)      Participated in teaching courses provided by the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, King Saud University,        Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  

i)       Therapeutics

ii)      Interpretation of patients lab. Data Clinical pharmacokinetics

iii)    Drug informations

iv)    Pharmacy administration.

v)     Hospital Pharmacy

2)     Supervise pharmacokinetic services at KKUH and rotate with pediatric team for about one year (1988-190).

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