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Code: 454 PHG

Course Name: Drug  of Abuse

Course Description:

In this course we will deal with the study of toxic and abuse drugs, description and determination qualitatively and quantitivaly. In addition to the study of different techniques used for the determination of toxic drugs at laboratories.


Lab 1


Lab 2

Morphological & Microscopical Character of Some powdered Drugs

Lab 3

Chemical Test for Some Abused Drugs

Lab 4

Continue + Microcrystal test

Lab 5


Lab 6

Exam, unknown Alkaloid (5marks)

Lab 7

Assay of Caffeine

Lab 8

Assay of Opium Tincture  

Lab 9


Lab 10

Abuscreen+ Revision

Lab 11

Trip (Surprise!!!!)  

Lab 12

Exam (practical+quiz)



 454 PHG

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