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Code: 322 PHG

Course Name: Phytochemistry

Credits: 2 (2+1)

Course Description:   

In this course we will deal with the basics of the phytochemistry, mainly how to discover the present of the active constituents in the plant  i.e. qualitative  estimation of carbohydrates, alkaloids and glycosides. In addition to quantitive assays using different chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques.


 Practical syllabus:  

Lab 1

Qualitative Identification of Carbohydrates

Lab 2

Assay of Sucralfate

Lab 3

Qualitative Identification of Alkaloids

Lab 4

Continue Lab 3

Lab 5

Exam, unknown Carbohydrates+ Alkaloid (9marks)

Lab 6

Assay of Morphine

Lab 7

Assay of Reserpine

Lab 8

Assay of Tropane Alkaloids

Lab 9

Exam assay

Lab 10

Qualitative Identification of Glycosides

Lab 11

Assay of Cardiac Glycosides

Lab 12

Exam (practical+quiz)



 351 PHG

lab351 part II.pdflab351 part IIرها سعود محمد اورفلى
Lab351 part I.pdfLab351 part Iرها سعود محمد اورفلى
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