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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

A) Published Papers:

1)AL-Himaidi, A. R. and Al-Dokhi. O. A. 1993. The Structure of the ovary and Oogenesis in the fresh water turtle, Maurmys caspica, from Al-Hassa Area, Saudi Arabia. Biol. Sci. : 23-38.


2)Al-Himaidi, A R. (1993). Mouse strain variations to super ovulation by human post menopausal gonadotrophins         and human chorionic gonadotrophins. Arab Gulf. J. Scient. Res., 11, 253-257.


3)Al-Himaidi A. R. (1994).  Seasonal variation on the normal birth rate and foetal loss of some of Riyadh hospitals compared to some cities in Saudi Arabia.  J. King Saud Univ. Vol 6 Science (2). 227-233.


4)Abou-Tarboush, F.M., Al-Himaidi A.R., and El-Banna, A.A. (1994): Long term teratogenic effects of Mitomucin-C on the second gestation in mice. J. King Saud Univ. Vol 6 Science (1). 33-40.


5)-Alhimaidi Ahmed R. Al Feraj M. M. and Subeh A. M.: (1995)  Evaluated study for the In vitro maturation (IVM) and fertilization (IVF) of Cattle Ova in Saudi Arabia. Arab Gulf. J.  Scient Res. Arab Gulf.13 (2) :421-433 (in Arabic).


6)Alhimaidi ,Ahmed,R and Umar ,M (1999).:In Vitro Fertilization of Mouse Ova Obtained By Three Ways and Their Cleavage in Commercially and Chemically Defined Media. Saudi .J.Bio. Sci. Vol. 6 (1):  82-89 .


7) Alhimaidi Ahmed R. (1999): Comparison of the in vitro fertilization of ova obtained from two mouse strains (Blab/c and C57) by three different methods and cultured in four different culture media. Arab Gulf. J. Scient Res. Arab Gulf . 17 (1), 181-198.(In Arabic).


8) Alhimaidi Ahmed R (2001).: Histological study of the ovary and follicular growth of the sand cat (Files margarita margarita (Loche 1858).J.Egypt. Ger.Soc.Zool. 34: 21-28.       


9)Alhimaidi Ahmed R.and Umar M. (2002): ABO blood group distribution among Saudi citizens related to their regional or original tribal location. Kuwait J.Sci Eng.29(1):75-81 .


10)Ahimaidi Ahmed R and.Al Amro M. H. (2002): The in vitro fertilization and early embryonic development of two mouse strains and their hybrids, cultured in simple and complex culture media. J.Egypt.Ger.Soc.Zool. 37(B): 1-11.


11) Alhimaidi Ahmed R. (2002): Tamoxifen prevents implantation of the mice embryos with no side effect post implantation. J. King  Saud Univ. (Saudi Arabia). 17: 12-16


13) Alofi A. A. and Alhimaidi Ahmed R .(2002): In vitro maturation and fertilization of sheep ova cultured in two different media. J of Agriculture Sci King Saud Univ. 17:23-28


14) Umer M. and Alhimaidi Ahmed R.(2002): Preliminary evaluation of shilajit on reproductive physiology in male mice Arab Biologists. 21:2-7


15) Almotary M.G. and Alhimaidi Ahmed R. (2002):  Tamoxifen inhibits the migration of the primordial germ cells of the chick embryos with less mortality rate. Pakistan J. Biological Sci.


16) Garmoush .M. O. and Alhimaidi Ahmed R.(2002): Effect of sildenafil citrate on the spermatogenesis and the fertility of male rats (rattus norvegicus). Arab biologists .21-25-29.


17) Alhimaidi Ahmed R.(2005)Thymoqunone Treatment of Intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI) compared to in vitro fertilization(IVF) of mice oocytes and their development in vitro.  Adv.Mol.Med.1(3):119-123.


18) Maha H.Daghestani,Pinar,T.Ozand; Ahmed R. AlHimaidi Ali N.ALOdaib:(2007) Hormonal levels of Leptin ,Insulin ,Ghrelin,and Neuropeptide Y in Lean ,Overweight,and Obese Saudi Females. Saudi Med.J.28(8):1191-1197.

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