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Name:                     Al Anoud Abdulaziz Mohammad Al-Askar

Nationality:             Saudi


Degree:                   Master Degree in Special Education – Learning Difficulties Track, Second Term of the year 1431.  The Thesis Title: "The Role of Cooperative Resources Room Teacher to train learning student teacher from the point of view of stakeholders"

                                 Bachelor Degree in Special Education – Learning Difficulties – college of king saud University  

Year:                        1421 First Terms

Grade:                     Excellent, 4.82% APG, First Class Honor

Working Experiences

1422                        Worked as cooperative with Special Education Division, King Saud University, Given the responsibilities of teaching curriculums in the year 1422.

1424-1425              Employed as a tutor in Special Education Division, and was appointed to teach the following curriculums:

            100 Special   An Introduction to Special Education

            180 Special   An Introduction to handicaps rehabilitation

            160 Special   Body and Medical disability

            260 Special   Sort of general in disability fields

            254 Special   Introduction of Learning Difficulties

            2641 Special Learning Difficulties in reading and writing

            304 Special   Growth Learning Difficulties

Had the responsibility of supervising field training for learning difficulties track for six terms.



Committees contribution

1)    Final Examination Committee

2)    Academic Awareness Committee

3)    Computer Committee

4)    Cultural Committee

5)    Public Relations Committee

6)    Postgraduate Studies Committee

7)    Conferences Committee

Workshop contribution

1)    Individual pedagogical plan and individual educational plan

2)    Examination building and interpretation

3)    Reaching childhood world through playing

4)    Second meeting for postgraduate studies at Education College – King Saud University

5)    Creative leadership at Educational Division

6)    Reporter's report in the light of quality requirements and academic authorization

7)    Third International Conference for disability and re-habitation – researching in the field of disability.

8)    Developing Academic Programs (Divisions) and making ready for Academic authorization.

9)    The future of pedagogical education in Saudi Arabia







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