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Theories of child Drawings; Initiation and,      Development


Dr- Mohamed Hussein A. Aldoyhi

Assistant Professor,

Department of Art Education

College of  Education.

King Saud University


          People used to look at children as miniature adults till the mid of the 19th centaury. At that time philosophers and educators started drawing attention to the children. They suggested that children have certain physical and psychological needs to grow and to attain success in this life.


          Consequential to these suggestions, the first revolution in education occurred. It was called "the child study movement'. Later progressive Teachers Association was initiated and numerous child art theories appeared.


          These child Art Theories are scattered in books and this research compiled them in one study and arranged them chronologically. The researcher has also made a few suggestions regarding the spread of the child art theories amongst parents, teachers and all members of the society. He also suggested that these theories should be part of the curriculums of the teacher colleges

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