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Musums Their educational Role and the possibility of establishing museum education in the schools and museums of Saudi Arabia


Mohammed Hussain Aldoyhi

Associate Professor

Art Education department , College of Education

King Saud Univerity -Riyadh , College of Education

Saudi Arabia


                This study is an attempt to define explicitly the role of  museums and to investigate the possibilities of attaining this role in the Saudi schools and museums. The importance of this research could be summarized in the fact that it is an important addition to the very few studies devoted to this realm of study which is museum education. Besides, it has exhibited some programs which were executed in some developed countries. And has also discussed the possibility of applying some of them in the schools of the kingdom.

                The aims of this research could be summered in the following:

1.      Defining museums and their educational role.

2.      Defining the educational programs of the museums.

3.      Investigating the ways of cooperation between the schools and the museums.

4.      Investigating the possibility of establishing museum education in the Saudi schools.

     The researcher has used the descriptive historical method in dealing with this topic because it suits this type of research and could get the following results.

    The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a rich heritage , various archeological cites , numerous museums and dependable human resources that could be trained in the most fashionable ways in the field of museum education. All this could materialize museums education in both the schools and the museums of the kingdom- in a way that resembles the most advanced countries .

    The researcher stresses the fact that there are great possibilities will help in establish successful museum education programs in the schools and museums of and all the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia country will benefit greatly.

Finally, the researcher had concluded this study by suggesting a few recommendations and he hopes that they will be materialized.

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