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Community –Based Art Education and its Position Among other theories in this Discipline


Dr.Mohammed Husain A. Aldoyhi.

Assistant Professor, Art Education Dept.

College of Education, King Saud University

Riyadh Saudi Arabia.


Abstract: Re-newal in the realm of art education was so evident during all the decades that formed the last Century (the twentieth Century). So many art education theories and philosophies have emerged and as soon as one starts to flourish another one will appear and art educators (who are fond of renewal) follow it, and started applying it by introducing  it, to their students.

    Soon after a theory is applied and put to praxus its short comings appear and consequently it is replaced by another. This process lead to the founding of numerous art education theories. This research depicts some selected ones and compares them to the Community –Based art Education, with the aim of investigating  the possibilities of applying this theory in the Arab world.


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