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Colours and thier modern and contemporary

Psychological, educational and artistic dimensions



Dr. Mohamed H. Aldoyhi

Associate Professor,  Art Education Department

College of Education King Saud University  Riyadh- Saudi Arabia        


   Abstract: This research , colours and their modern and contemporary psychological educational and artistic dimensions , is intended to in vest gate the role of colour . incorporates numerous realm and displaces. The researcher has reviewed the most influential clour theories and researches conducted by , scientists , psycho legists , sociologists, educators and philosophers. Despite its concentration on modern and contemporary researched , this study has reviewed the classical ones as well > This was done in the hope of giving a full picture of colours and acknowledge their role in all the aspects of life Besides , it is hoped that the students of art and art education , in particular will been fit room this research .Due to the fact that  colour is so essential to artists and art education, a thorough understanding of its numerous roles and facets will help prospective artists and art teachers, as well as their future student.



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