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A critical and analytical study of . Painting in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia      


Dr .Mohammed H. Aldoyhi

Associate Professor :Art Education Department

College of Education : King Saud University

Riyadh- Saudi Arabia

          This study deals with Suhail al – Harbi's book,' Painting in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia,'' which was published by the '' Pure Art Foundation'' in Riyadh on the year (2003). It analyzed , criticized and traced the criteria that Al Harbi has chosen in presenting the information in his book.

       The content of the book was thoroughly investigated and the way Al-Harbi has categorized the artists and the topics was clarified. The book was originally a masters degree thesis which was recommended by the academic committee to be published .It was transformed in this book which the researcher has chosen to study .The advantages, the disadvantages, the way paintings and painters were introduced, were clearly dealt with by the researcher – according to his knowledge.

      In his attempt to attain constructive criticisrn , the researcher has referred to books and articles related to Al-Harbi's topic. Which is- without doubt- new in its field?

     The researcher has concluded the study by a summary and a few recommendations which will- hope fully- help the writer – Al –Harbi- in materializing his goal.



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