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Curriculum Vitae


Personal Data

Name: Dr. Hamad Ibrahim Hamad Al-Manai

Phone Numbers: 015265555 / 01526666

Mobile: 090026279

E-mail: hamad



1.      Ph.D. in Educational Management with distinction grade (4.81), Faculty of Education – King Saud University in 1428 H. Dissertation title” Organizational development.”

2.      Master in Education with distinction grade (4.70), Faculty of Education – King Saud University in 1418 H.

3.       General Diploma in Education with distinction grade (4.89), Faculty of Education- King Saud University in 1413 H.

4.      Bachelor in Islamic Economics with distinction grade, Faculty of Shareea’ (Islamic Studies), Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University in 1410.


Work Experiences

1.      1429-Now: Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Department of Administrative and Humanitarian Studies at Huraimlla Community College, King Saud University.

2.       23/12/1423 H. – 1429 H.  On leave as a Ph.D. candidate.

3.      1421 H.  Supervisor of School Administration.

4.      1419 H. Supervisor of Educational Administration

5.      1410 A teacher and deputy  Headmaster at the secondary level teaching administration and economics.


1.      Decision taking in educational and teaching administration.

2.      Administration of objectives and the possibility of applying them in educational administration.

3.      The role of school administration in achieving educational aims in the kingdom.

4.      The situation of applying quality administration in the administration of education.

5.        The Procedural evidence in the administration of education (shared).

6.      Preparation of a workshop on the problems encountering the administration of education in Riyadh area.

7.      Job rotation in the administration of education

8.      Assessment study of the works of educational council in Riyadh area in its 11th session.

9.      Designing training programs

10. Economics of teaching.


Activities and Committees

1.      A member of the main committee of developing educational supervision of Riyadh are, 1422 H.   

2.      A member of the committee assigned for surveying the services needs for other districts, 1422 H.

3.      A member of  the central committee for interviewing and nominating educational supervisors 1425 H.

4.      A member of the preparation and organization committee for meeting the personnel of education administrations.

5.      A member of the Saudi Society for Educational and Psychological Sciences.

6.      A member of the Saudi Society for Education.

7.      Attended A variety of courses on the fields of strategic planning, principles of educational leadership, educational planning, Time management, conducting training operations, and actual educational supervision.

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