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Sample Exam

Sample of the Ophthalmology Course(Ophth432)  MCQs questions:


1.        All pass through Superior ophthalmic fissure except:-

a-       Trochlear nerve.

b-       Abducent nerve.

c-        Lacrimal nerve.

d-       Sympathetic nerve.

e-       Maxillary nerve.  ç

2.        The maxillary nerve passes through :-

a.        Foramen oval.

b.        Foramen rotandoum. ç

c.        Foramen spinosum.

d.        Foramen magnum

3.        Screening for Retinopathy Of Prematurity is at:-

a-       2 weeks.

b-       2 – 3 weeks.

c-        At birth

d-       4 – 6 weeks. ç

e-       After 7 weeks.

4.        Which light's wavelength having high frequency:

a-       Blue

b-       Yellow

c-        Green

d-       Violet ç

e-       Orange

5.        Characteristic features of laser are:- One False

a-       Monochromatic

b-       Directionality

c-        Polarized

d-       Incoherent  ç

6.        Average volume of the orbit is:-

a-       25 cc

b-       30 cc ç

c-        20 cc

d-       40 cc

e-       35 cc

7.        Aqueous Humor formation is by:-

a-       Diffusion

b-       Ultra filtration

c-        Active secretion

d-       Both a & b

e-       All the above ç

8.        Ophthalmic ultrasound used in B-scan is having frequency of :-

a-       25 M Hertz

b-       15 M Hertz

c-        5 M Hertz

d-       7 -10 M Hertz ç

9.        The following structures are normally seen in anterior chamber angle  EXCEPT:-

a-       Ciliary body band

b-       Trabecular  meshwork

c-        Sclera spur

d-       Blood can be seen in schlems canal.

e-       Peripheral anterior synechiae    ç  

10.     Type I Neurofibromatosis associated with all EXCEPT:-

a-       Leish nodules.

b-       Wilm's tumor.

c-        Absence of the patella.

d-       Acoustic neuroma ç

11.     The following antibiotics are Bacteriostatic Except:-

a-       Chloramphenicole

b-       Erythromycin

c-        Tetracycline

d-       Ciprofloxacin ç


12.     In fungal keratitis the following can be used except :-

a-       Amphotericine B

b-       Fluconazole

c-        Nystatine

d-       Fluroquinolones ç

13.     The post operative astigmatism in Extracapsular Cataract Extraction depends on the following EXCEPT:-

a-       Wound size

b-       Type of sutures

c-        Technique of suturing

d-       Pre-operative astigmatism

e-       Time of surgery ç

14.     How many mm medial to the medial canthus is the angular vein :

a-       10 mm

b-       12 mm

c-        8 mm ç

d-       6 mm

15.     In retinoblastoma, a pathological report must clearly note :-

a.        Choroidal involvement.

b.        Optic nerve head involvement.  ç

c.        Size of the tumor.

d.        Type of the tumor cells.

16.     What is the spherocylindrical lens which it's spherical equivalent is + 0.75 :

a-       + 2.50  - 1.50 X 90 

b-       + 2.50 + 1.50 X 30 

c-        + 2.50 - 3.50 X 30 ç  

d-       + 3.00 – 2.00 X 75 

e-       - 1.00 - 2.50 X 112

17.     Which of the following masquerade syndromes can present like orbital cellulitis :

a.        Retinoblastoma.

b.        Rhabdomyosarcoma.

c.         Uveal melanoma.

d.        Myocitis.

e.        All ç

18.     All of the following can be used in the treatment of aqueous misdirection Exccept :-

a-       Hematropin

b-       Atropine

c-        Pilocarpin   ç

d-       dorzolamid

19.     Retinopathy of Prematurity one false:-

a-       Can regress spontaneously.

b-       Is associated with low birth weight.

c-        Cryotherapy used in treatment of ROP having good outcome

d-       Laser is less effective than cryotherapy ç

e-       Stage V carrying the poorest outcome.

20.     Thinnest part of the sclera :-

a-       At equator

b-       At limbus

c-        At macula

d-       Underneath the extra-ocular muscle insertions ç


21.     follicular conjunctivitis is more superior in which disease:

a-       adult inclusion conjunctivitis

b-       Trachoma ç 

c-        VKC

d-       EKC

22.     In the treatment of endophthalmitis all true excepts:

a-       Use broad specterum Antibiotics.

b-       30-40%of staphylococcus epidermidis is methicilen resistant.

c-        Cefazolin is effective aginst most coagulase –ve staph. ç    

d-       Gentamycine can cause macular infarction

e-       Ceftazidime can cover gram –ve



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