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Curriculum Vitae                       

Saad Abdullah Aldahmash, MD.

Address P.o. Box 240310 Riyadh 11322 , Saudi Arabia. 

Work Tel:  0096614786100-1426


           Dr_dahmash @yahoo.com


Birth date: 27 may 1979 in Aldilam (Riyadh region), Saudi Arabia

summary of Qualifications

·         Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), King Saud University, KSA, July 2003.

·         King Saud university fellowship in ophthalmology 2008.

·         Saudi board of ophthalmology (SSC- Ophth) 2008.

·         International council of ophthalmology ICO certificate in 2007.

*      Fellowship of royal college of surgeons (Glasgow)  FRCS 2009.



·         Internship: In KKUH between 12.July.2003 to 30.June.2004 .

·         Residency: Combined Saudi ophthalmology program and king Saud University Fellowship in Riyadh.

·          Retina (surgical and medical) fellowship at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) in Riyadh ,Saudi Arabia for 2 years .


·         Resident in the residency program in ophthalmology in Riyadh between October 2004 and September 2008.

·         Fellow at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Retina (2 years) fellowship.

·         Demonstrator at  King Saud University, Collage of Medicine, Riyadh Saudi Arabia .

·         Member of the Saudi Ophthalmology society. 


·         Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

·         Residency in Saudi Speciality Program of Ophthalmology in Riyadh.

·         Selected to be the beast resident during 3rd year of my residency training.

·         Attending and participating in the Saudi ophthalmology society symposiums yearly.

·          Attended the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) meeting in Stockholm, Sweden September 2007.

·         Attended the middle east African ophthalmology society symposium in Bahrain 2009 .

·          Publications:

Two articles in the Saudi Journal of Ophthalmology one article as a principal investigator about glaucoma after paediatric cataract surgery and the other article (as a co-author) a case report of a rare presentation of ocular tuberculosis in immunocomptent patient.

And another publication in an international journal:

In the JAAPOS  as a co-author about (age at the time of cataract surgery and relative risk for aphakic glaucoma in non traumatic infantile cataract without microcornea),




·         BLS & ACLS provider KKUH, 1999.

·         Advanced trauma life support 2003.

·         Saudi Council for Health Specialties Exam (SLE), Riyadh,  2003.


                           1- Attending The course of introduction to clinical research in 2003.

                           2- Attending the yearly ophthalmology seminars at KKUH.

·         Special interest in the medical research field.


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