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Personal Data



Name: Wahida Hazzaa Amer Al Qahtani

Date of Birth: 1971

Place of Birth:  kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

Gender: female 


Academic Qualifications

1- Science Magistrate – Human Nutrition Specialization from College of FOOD and AGRICULTURE Sciences – King Saud University in Riyadh in 2004 with the ratio 4.81 out of 5 and the research title was " Effect of irradiation in the presence and Abcence of alphatocopherol on the Activity of some Antioxidant Enzymes in Albino Rats Liver" .

2- Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences – Nutrition specialization and Domestic Economy from College Agriculture – King Saud University in Riyadh in 1996 with the ratio 4.28 out of 5.

3- According to my request, I have been transferred to a teaching assisstant in College of Nutrition and Agriculture- King Saud University – Riyadh from 2005 to the present time.

4- I have been selected as a pioneer to Social and Cultural activity in College of Nutrition and Agriculture in 2005 and I occupy this role in the College. 


5-I worked as a member in the committee of academic credit and evaluation in the faculty of food and agriculture sciences in 2006-2008 AD.

6- I worked in the academic committee at the faculty of food and agriculture  sciences in 2007AD.

7-I worked  as a member  in the committee of scientific creativeness of King Abdelaziz  and his men in 2007.  

8-I was one of the members charged with participating in the questionnaire of consultation the students' opinion about the teaching process in 2007 AD.

9-I got the degree of a lecturer at the department of food and nutrition in 2008 AD.

10-I was charged to do the report for providing the references for curriculums and the assistant of the committee that supports teaching the students 2008 AD.


11-I was one of the members charged with participating in the questionnaire of consultation the students opinion about the teaching process in 2008 AD.


Training Courses

1- I have obtained a Course in Human Development entitled1- " The Social intelligence.

2- The  Emotional Intelligence'' in  2006.

3-The Optimal Method in Academic Achievement, 2007.

4"Brain Mapping and Memory "  2007 .

Workshops and Symposiums attended:

1-The first workshop for analyzing SWOT specialized for the staff of the strategic plan of King Saud University which will be held on Sunday 8 / 3 / 1429H

2- The fourth conference  for development and environment which is held on 10 - 11 /3/ 1429 H

3- The first workshop for the epistemic, cognitive, dynamic and social skills on Sunday 1 / 3 / 1428

     4-4th international symposium on   Update on clinical and community nutrition in 2008 AD.

5-work shop'use of informaition and communicaition technology in Acadimic teaching' 31-2\6\2008 AD.



- Mastery in Arabic and English Language.

- I have obtained TOEFL test in 2006.



Riyadh :11352

Post .O.Pox: 270677

E- Mail : wahida@ksu.edu.sa


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