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Course Description: English Najm 122


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Najm 122

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Najm 121

Core book

Nucleus: English for Science and technology by  Martin Bates and Tony Dudley-Evans, 1990: Longman


Najm 122 is English for Special Purpose (ESP) course for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science Degree at King Saud University in Riyadh.  The course is the continuation of Najm 121 which is given in the first semester. It aims to assist students to further develop their general language skills within the context of scientific English. Special emphasis is put upon reading comprehension skills and scientific terminology intended to help the students cope with the science textbooks taught in their respective disciplines. The course is designed around a series of graded reading selections in core science subjects and the relevant scientific terminology and grammatical structures common in the scientific discourse. Grammar is skimpily presented with particular emphasis on passive transformations of the English language which are relevant to the scientific discourse.

The course book is Nucleus: English for Science and Technology, which is a well-written book. It consists of twelve lengthy units. Each unit is divided into sections of increasing difficulty and takes about six 50-minute period to be completed. It takes seven or eight units of this book to be completed by the time the semester comes to its end.

By the end of the course, students should have mastered a core vocabulary of at least 3,000 words and be able to read lower intermediate scientific texts competently and with understanding.

Course assessment is by examination. Two midterm exams evenly timed in the course duration and a final exam given towards the end of the semester determine the outcome of this assessment. Those students who score 60% or above pass the course.

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