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Najm 121

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Admission to the College of Science, KSU

Core book

Start English for Science by G. D. Nogas and A. R. Bolitho, 1990, Longman


NGM 121 is an English for Special Purposes (ESP) course for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science program at King Saud University, Riyadh.

 The course focuses on developing and extending students’ reading fluency in scientific texts by exposing them to scientific terminology and contextualizing this vocabulary knowledge in real scientific passages. There is special emphasis upon reading comprehension skills and the course is designed around a series of graded reading selections in core science.

 The book contains eighteen units. The first nine units focus on the basic English grammar and the core vocabulary in a scientific discourse. In the second nine units, emphasis is put upon the reading skill in science contexts. Reading selections taken from a wide range of scientific disciplines are presented and the students study reading techniques of scanning, skimming, guessing meaning from the contexts, etc. These reading selections are intended to build the students’ confidence in coping with the science texts in their science books.

 This course also includes basic scientific numeracy including the expression of math functions, fractions, units measure, and the reading of elementary chemical formulae.

 By the end of the course students should have mastered a core vocabulary of at least 1000 words and be able to read elementary scientific texts competently and with understanding.

 Course assessment is by examination. Continuous assessment activities like two midterm exams, homework assignments and other class activities are given throughout the course. This assessment carries 50% of the general assessment record. A conclusive final exam is given at the end of the semester which carries 50% of the course grade.

 Students who fail to score 60% fail and repeat the course in the second semester. Those who make take the next ESP course, Najam 122, which is given in the following semester.

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