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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة


Courses :

1-513 prep

Arabic morphosynta  ( units 3 )

In this course , students are taught the scientific principles of studying and analyzing morphological units and the syntactic rules required for the composition of the Arabic sentences as well as the semantic and grammatical relations among sentential units

2-202 DRB            

Arabic writing

In this course students are presented with the basics of writing skills and types of writing . the course concentrate on how to write correctly , especially at the paragraph level

3-211 DRB

Linguistic analysis units : 4

this course contains :

-The basics of linguistic analysis .

-phonetic , morphological and syntactic aspects of Arabic .

-practical activities aim to enhance the student's knowledge of the language .

4.212 DRB

Arabic lexicology : ( units 3 )

This course describe and analyzes :

-Arabic vocabulary , its structure and meaning .

-Arabic Idioms and synonyms

-lexicography with emphasis on Arabic dictionary related of teaching non – native speakers  

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